Sunday, May 4, 2014

Talk derby to me....

Derby Day.
It was amazing.

I shook the dust off the shoulder pads of this 25+ year old dress that has been hiding in the back of my closet, ran a hot iron over it a few times and put it on.
Chyann helped me with my hair, hid my dark circles and advised me on the proper eye makeup.
She then became our official photographer and chauffeur.

Before leaving the house  - a proper Southern lady, eh? 

A few pictures when we first arrived, after commandeering a few tables and pushing them together to make room for our group.  
We all received roses from our hosts.

We all gathered to watch the race when the we heard bugles begin to blare, announcing the start of the race.
However the race didn't start right at that moment and we all got to mingling and visiting - next thing we knew the race was over. 
Course we caught the highlights and WOW those are some phenomenal horses. 

Best derby day outfit went to the lovely Lori!
She won that red and black hat!
Which retails for $150 bucks! 
YAY for Lori!

My favorite wine of the day was Rhubarb by O'Neil Creek Winery.
They are actually located not too far from us and we've decided some Saturday we are going to make a day of it and tour all the wineries in our area. 

Favorite picture - shows what a great time we were really having.
You can practically hear the laughter can't you?

Might just have to get this one framed though.

Or this one. 

We really had the best day and already talking about next years outfits lol

Loved wearing the hat, but by the end of the evening I was ready to take it off or at the very least pin it up so I could see better. 


Happy Birthday to my favorite Alaskan gal Charity! 
Wish you could have been here for Derby day, you'd have loved it too!


Have a great day :)


Ami said...

It looks like you had so much fun!! I was looking at some of the hats online. My favorite was the one worn by Johnny Weir. He is certainly comfortable in his own skin, isn't he?

What a blast to have so much fun with friends. And you look wonderful!!!

Lisa said...

Love it!!!! I love hats. You look Maaavelous. I'd get the last pic enlarged. The one before that looks like there's a round thing coming out of your friends head. Sorry for being blunt.


tainterturtles said...

I love the photos Kellie. Chyann did a great job on your makeup. Sounds like you ladies had fun, especially with the wine tasting!!!

Aunt Krissy said...

Kellie, you had the best outfit by far! I think that you should have one the 150 bucks for the hat

Nikker said...

Great play on words for your title! Love it!
Looks like you guys had a ball! I missed the actual race too, Kase and I were running late feeding the girls... We had to watch it "not live" too, but it was still pretty darn exciting!! (0:

Nicole said...

I absolutely LOVE that you guys did this. You look GREAT!!