Saturday, May 3, 2014

Simply Saturday

It's gorgeous outside this morning.
We are seeing the sun for the first time in a about a week.
I'm not sure how many inches of rain we've received, but I'm guessing around four or five inches - if the amount of new water in the pool is an accurate indicator. 

The buds on most of the trees are ready to burst and I can tell. 
My eyes are getting gunky and my throat feels itchy.
Time to break out the allergy meds once again. 

Picture taken this morning after I fed the animals. 

I've got these bushes just off the back porch by the pool. 
I can't remember the name of them for the life of me. Starts with an S tho. 
I really liked them - NO MAINTENANCE and they were super pretty, bushy/big and colorful.
The weight of the snow broke over half of each plant down to almost nothing, so I got out my snippers and trimmed down the rest of them. 
Sure hope they grow back.
However they Hubby says, good he never liked them anyhow we should just rip them out. 
I'm like what?!?!
He says yeah, they looked too messy.
I call that "easy".
But whatever, if they grow back they are staying. If they don't well I guess we'll try something less "messy".

Colton out playing ball with Caden last weekend. 
He was CATching kitties lol

Congrats to my son on his internship for the summer!
We are SUPER proud and excited for him. 
Only eight more school days for him till he's out for the year. 
Looking forward to having him home again.

I've big plans for today myself. 
It's the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby!
Our wine tasting place is having a derby party and my friends and I are going. 
There will be prizes for best dressed and coolest hat, so YES we are dressing up in our finest derby gear. 
Can't wait!

later :)


Nikker said...

What a great morning at your house! Clouds have moved in here, but our week was fantastic!
Love the cat in the ball glove! I miss having a good cat...Chad does not... /0:
Can't wait for the Derby, don't have nearly the fun event scheduled that you do, but just love watching it!! (0: The sport of Kings!!

Nicole said...

I love that picture of Colton with the kitty in his glove. Pretty kitty by the way!