Friday, May 16, 2014


Two years ago I had gorgeous Iris' blooming by now, not this year though. 
The stalks are about five inches high and not even close to flowering.
Everything seems to be stunted.
From the leaves on the trees to the flowers; however the weeds in the yard do not appear to have any problem growing - dandelions have sprung up everywhere.

I'm sure this cool weather is the culprit.
I went to the store yesterday and totally forgot to get some mulch for the flower beds - drat.

The new fencer is working and I haven't had to chase the cow since Wednesday - knock on wood.

Colton moved back home yesterday!
Two years of college officially done and he starts his internship/job on June 2nd. 
Exciting times for him.

Caden's knee is a lot better. 
Which of course makes him cranky since he doesn't see the doc for another week and I wont let him play baseball until after that appointment.

Here's to a great weekend :)


Ami said...

You had a hell of a winter. The fact that flower bulbs survived is amazing, really. :)

I so hope your son's knee is better and that he can get back to doing the things he loves.

Happy weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I hope Cadens knee is better

Anonymous said...

It's the same here. My magnolia tree is only blooming now. Usually it's mid April. Everything is late, late, late.

Spring peeper farm.

tainterturtles said...

It was so fun to come over last Saturday for your jewelry party. Your snacks were delicious Kellie.

Looking forward to the warm weather tomorrow.

Nicole said...

I'm sure he's cranky about not getting to play ball, but it's best to make sure he's okay before he hurts himself worse!

Anonymous said...

Kellie,I love you and miss you