Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday morning coffee

I found a new favorite coffee. 
Spring by Starbucks.
It's wonderful. 

I've had a hard time getting motivated to blog recently - It's too nice out to be inside anymore than I have to be. 

Good news for Caden!
His knee has healed and the doctor released him back to baseball and LIFE (as he says).
First practice is this afternoon and he is stoked!

Monday we had some serious rain.
Probably a little more than 2 inches.
We literally had standing water in the front pasture until Wednesday.

All that wet combined with the warmer temperatures gave the trees and grass that boost they needed to get growing like they should be this time of year. 

Colton tilling the little garden, which I'm going to plant today.
Love that apple tree and it smells divine, but damned if I don't need to really trim it back to keep it from shading the garden so much. 

Caden mowing the front yard with the pusher, while Daddyo works on the riding mower.
He calls it a Junk-Deer, as has to work on it before every mow.

I love days where you don't come in the house except to get more water. 
These pictures were taken while talking to my Mother on the phone last night. 

Caden had some friends over and the Hubby hit balls out for them to catch. 
The horses, nosy as they are were interested in everything they did. 

Wish you could smell these blossoms Mom. 

It's about time to get the cover off the pool. 
Sure would have felt good to take a dip and cool off yesterday.

Here's to another wonderful and productive day :)

later alligator 


Ami said...

LOVE the beautiful tree. All our stuff is mostly done blooming, but Portland in the spring is really beautiful because so many trees blossom.

Good news about his knee, as a veteran knee pain person, I know how nice it is when it stops hurting. The absence of pain is a nice thing to savor.

Nikker said...

Hurrraaayyy, on the returning to "life"! He's a funny kid!
Your place is just amazing in the spring. I wish we had your trees..and I too wish I was there to smell those blossoms!!!

tainterturtles said...

It's great to finally get some warm weather? How nice to have helpers around the house. Enjoy your Memorial Day holiday.

Nicole said...

So glad that he's been released back to life!! Send some rain our way please, we're 10" below normal this time of year.