Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prom 2014

Aaah my daughter is certainly growing up.

We took pictures in the same locations as last year. 

I think this is my favorite picture of her. 

She likes this one better though.
Isn't the dress incredible?
That color was phenomenal on her and the back - WOW!

This is the group of friends she went with this year. 
They all had such gorgeous dresses. 

 A Charlies Angels moment. 

Up on the bridge.
This picture led to a 

Titanic moment lol

 The gals sure had fun posing and goofing around. 

I absolutely LOVE this picture!
That look on her face is all Chyann and to me it says she's got the world by the tail.

Aren't they all just amazingly beautiful?!?!

They had a great time at prom and the after party at a local roller rink. 
She only skated for a few minutes - was too worried about falling and breaking her leg, which is a legitimate concern. They played all sorts of games and visited till 6a this morning. 
She won a $25 gas card which she'll definitely need.

April was a fast month.
Colton only as three more weeks of college left. 
Next weekend he'll start bringing home some of his stuff. 
If he stays on track he'll graduate from college the same day Chyann graduates from high school. 
Wouldn't that be a hoot? and incredibly crazy/busy of course.



Ami said...

Great photos and yes, she is gorgeous. They all are. :)

tainterturtles said...

I love all the prom dresses the girls are wearing. Where were the pictures taken. Chyann's makeup is perfect!!!

Nicole said...

That looks like great fun! They all look great!! And it's crazy they have somewhere to go after Prom.

Anonymous said...

Cant believe our babies are so grown up, Chyann looks so much like you. I am so proud of both of you. I love you so very

Nikker said...

I love those train track photo's! Looks like a ton of fun!! You take great pictures!!

Aunt Krissy said...

I got all teary see the pics of Chyann. Looking so adult and that is just not right! Love that girl so much!

ps back home