Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spotlight night

The school has been putting on a talent show for the last four years to raise money for the music programs - band and choir. 

This year Caden and one of his friends volunteered to run the spotlights. 
He keeled on that chair and rested the light on his shoulder to be able to follow the performers with the light up on the stage. Apparently that light is super heavy and gets quite hot.
He did a great job! 

The lovely Chyann preformed with the Jazz Band.
She totally rocked the drum set playing her song!
Got a video of her playing, but since she was tucked away in the very back of the band you can really only see her drum sticks pounding and a glimpse of her hair flying occasionally. 

At the end of the program they auctioned off some goodies that had been donated. 
The night was quite a success. 
Our school has a lot of talented kids and they've got some serious confidence to get up there and preform in front of everyone.  

Chyann and one of her buddies looking cool while the auction was going on. 
That shirt she is wearing?
Was like an 80 dollar shirt at some expensive place in the mall, on sale for 5.80 - hell of a deal right? Well it's one of those hand wash and dry laying flat pain in the buns type of shirt. 
Guess what?
She thew it in the laundry without thinking apparently and I washed AND dried that sucker.
It may have shrank a bit, but doesn't look bad at all lol 

It's supposed to be beautiful here this weekend - upper 60's but freaking windy.
That's ok as long as it doesn't snow, I'm good. 

Have a great day :) 


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Ami said...

Your kids are growing up so fast. You must be so proud of them all. :)

And it always makes me happy to see families involved in all the stuff their kids do, as I've seen a few who aren't. Which makes me sad.


a happy story about your family and your amazing children AND archaic mythology all on the same page!!

Steve is a spammer and should be slapped. I volunteer.

Nicole said...

I didn't know she played the drums. How cool is that!

Nikker said...

So cool Chyann plays the drums!! I have not a musical bone in my body... I always wanted to learn to play the guitar or drums, but my lack of rhythm hindered my pursuit. (0: I sure hope my son gets some kind of musical talent from his dad's side!!