Saturday, April 12, 2014

tip toeing

through my house this morning was difficult because of the young bodies sprawled at awkward angles throughout the living room. So I decided NOT to try and be quiet. Currently the only kids who woke up were the ones that got picked up early. The rest of them continue to slumber on I as bang around the kitchen doing dishes, cooking and typing.

I am a morning person and have my best energy early in the day. It boggles my mind when folks stay up till the wee hours doing whatever they do - watching tv, surfing the internet or whatever and then need/wanting to sleep till noon.  Not to mention that it actually pisses me off on occasion. Sure I will stay up late sometimes too, but I am always up within an hour or two of my normal weekday wake up time. It's called good sleep hygiene and if more folks within my home actually practiced this I'm sure they'd sleep better at night throughout the week and feel better too. Ok, done with preaching about sleep. I do it all the time and unfortunately no one listens.

It's raining cats and dogs here today. A little windy too, but it's supposed to clear up later this afternoon. I can already see the buds on the trees swelling and the maples have that pretty new red growth. A few more weeks and we'll be seeing some leaves.

I'm off to make some lunch or freaking breakfast for those who are just dragging their buns up.


Nicole said...

Hahaha in college I was a stay up late and get up early type person even though I HATED getting up early. I just had no choice. During the summers I would sleep in as long as possible. Sadly now days I can't sleep in really past 8 which drives me nuts. It doesn't matter what time I go to bed :(.

Nikker said...

Good sleep hygiene, I love it!! I too am a morning person... Kind of an up with the sun, down with the sun kinda person! (0: