Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday AM coffee

What a difference a week makes.

Chyann took care of our neighbors animals last weekend while they were out of town and would rather ride a horse than drive a car/snow machine to do it.
 Picture of her and Jenny heading out. 
We really had a LOT of snow. 

Picture taken this morning, a week later. 

The pool ice is melting funny. Solid around the edges and a huge crater in the center. 
Hope that doesn't mean something funky is going on, like I don't know a leak in the bottom or some shit. 
I've decided to only plant the little garden again this year. 
Think the Hubby is planning on loading the long garden up with manure, tilling it and then tarping it for another season. Then next year trying potato's again. We'll see tho. 
Lots of outside work to be done. 
Poop to be scooped is first and foremost on the kids' list for today - course they are not thrilled with this plan, but that's ok.  
  My flower beds and the little garden also need to be cleaned up  - I didn't take care of those chores last fall because of my surgery so as soon as it dries up a bit more those are my first priorities. 

Here's to a great week ahead :)


tainterturtles said...

I'm itching to get out in the garden, but now I heard the S word again!!!

Nicole said...

Can you come clean my yard up please :)