Saturday, April 26, 2014

Poor Shasta

With the weather being so nice recently (except for that day last week that we got almost 2inches of rain) the dogs spend most of their day outside doing what dogs do - barking, chasing cats and apparently getting bit by something.

After work we left for a few hours and Shasta snuck in when when we came home - I didn't even see her. While I was unpacking the groceries I heard her hacking, looked around a see that she was on my chair at the kitchen table. I went over to get her off because I've got a new chair pad and didn't want her hacking up whatever she's trying to get up on it. 
Only to see that her poor face/head/neck are super swollen!
She wasn't hacking something up, but trying to breathe and having a hard time.
I scooped her up and had Caden hold her while I got the benadryl out. Course I only had tablets and was worried she wouldn't be able to swallow the pill, but somehow we managed to get it down her. 
Her breathing got a little bit more labored before finally showing signs of improvement - thankfully.
I've never seen a dog so swollen. 
Her ear flaps and inside her ears were even grossly puffy and her eyes almost completely shut. 
It took about a day and a half for all the swelling to go down.
We never figured out what happened to her either, but I have seen hornets and spiders while cleaning out my flower beds so it could have been anything I guess. 

We're just glad she is better. 

All week long I looked forward to sleeping in today, but was up at 5a instead.

Tonight is prom!
Stay tuned for pictures :)


Dar said...

awww, poor lil Shasta! Thank goodness for Benadryl. It sure is worth having in the medicine cabinet. Just like kids, pets manage to find trouble somewhere!

Re: on the tile job...our house is also over 100 and there isn't a level floor in this place. We had the same problem. Try putting a spacer or two Under the tile-it works without putting in a whole new subfloor...good luck, we will be going on week 3...eeks.

Ami said...

Oh that poor little dog!! Maggie got stung in the face on a camping trip many years ago. She had that swollen face thing, too, but not nearly as bad. Glad you had benadryl and that you knew you could give it to a dog. I never knew that until now.

Lisa said...

Ahhhh... that's a sin. Poor thing.

Nicole said...

Awe, the poor baby! Hopefully she's getting better!!

Anonymous said...

Poor poor Shasta.

Nikker said...

Poor little thing!

Nikker said...

Poor little thing!