Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday morning coffee

I woke up at 5a this morning panicked that I was late!
Late for what I didn't know, but late for something.
Aaah the exercise class is at 7, but I'm not going today.
I had a failed biopsy yesterday at the hospital.
By failed I mean the doc was unable to get the necessary samples she needed to examine so I'm going to be having a hysterectomy in the near future.
The whole sheebang is coming out, from what I groggily remember in the recovery room. 
Just lovely.
Of course the busiest time of year at work is coming up and I just burned through the majority of my accrued PTO.
No biggie, we'll figure it out.
Feeling pretty good today, except for a rotten sore throat that I'm guessing is from the anesthesia tube. 

In other news...

Colton's laptop stopped working on Wednesday and the computer wizard guys think it's possibly a mother board problem - which will be almost as spendy to replace as getting a new laptop.
Course he didn't get the extended warranty when he bought it and the manufacture warranty is out as well. 
Looks like today we'll be shopping for a new one since apparently you need a laptop at college like you need your right hand and he is leaving on Monday.
For school he requested and got the same dorm room from last year.
New room mate of course.

Wisconsinites are big on recycling.
We recycle just about everything you can recycle.
Especially aluminum. 
We've been holding onto about three years worth of aluminum and storing them in the back of the dump truck.
Yes, we have a dump truck - doesn't everyone?
Anywho, it took three years to fill up the back and the Hubby made a deal with Caden to re-sack all the cans and he'd get the money.
Caden spent a few hours on Wednesday evening and a few hours on Thursday morning getting them ready so when the Hubby came home they could haul them off.
He got a whopping 150 bucks!
The kid is thrilled with this windfall of his, making all kinds of plans on how to spend it.

While in Oklahoma of course Mom and I played numerous games of scrabble.
 Both Chyann and Caden decided they wanted to play as well and every evening we had some super charged games.

Mom and Gerry's dogs are the very definition of lapdogs.

They moved from one lap to the next throughout our games.

My lovely Mother

Later :)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Blither blather and a fish tale

We got a little rain here overnight.
A fresh cool breeze is coming in through the windows and it's beautiful out.
Wont last for long though since it's going to be about 90* today.
That's alright I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts since the snow will be here soon.

Chyann had her first drive time yesterday - here in WI the kids have to have something like 20 behind the wheel hours with a driving instructor before they can get their license at 16.
She and a friend were able to do their first drive time together. 
One kid drives for an hour and the other observes from the back seat then they switch positions - with an instructor in the front the whole time of course.
Yesterday went well and she came home feeling good about her driving skills.

Caden wanted to go fishing with Grandpa while we were in Oklahoma.
My Great Aunt Margie has two ponds that are stocked with catfish so they went out to her place.
She has hundreds of acres that she raises beef cattle on.
Unfortunately the guys didn't catch any, was probably too hot for them to be biting.

The next morning they went out earlier and just across the road to a neighbors place and caught these beauties.
I don't know what the three bigger ones are, but the smallest is a blue gill.

Caden and Grandpa cleaned them and the Hubby cooked them up for dinner.
Caden loved eating the fish he caught.

Have a good day!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

We're home

safe and sound.
It was a wonderful trip!

The driving was a piece of cake, especially since we used Colton's GPS.
That thing is amazing. 
We navigated through and around the biggest cities in the mid-west with absolutely no trouble at all.
I think the Hubby'll be gettin one for Christmas.

My Mother and Gerry are doing well. 
I love being at their house. 
(sure it was hot and humid, but Mama's got central air so it was all good)
There is nothing that can compare to being in your Mother's company.
We laughed till we cried, then laughed some more.

My favorite thing to do is sit on their screened in front porch and watch the humming birds.
They've got two feeders that just buzz with activity.

The most I counted at one time was twelve, but they've seen as many as nineteen.

Mom and Opal watching the birds with me.

Panoramic shot from the porch.

Just as the sun was going down the cicada started making themselves known.
They make an incredible racket that I find annoying and soothing at the same time.

Some cows milling around.

My Mother is the greatest.
I miss her already - and not just her central air I swear.
It's like a freaking 100* here at home.
The fans are working over time.

It was hard getting back into work mode. 
We've got a lot to get done through this weekend and into next week.
Salsa, beans, corn.
The kids are getting ready for school starting on Tuesday.
Colton heading back to college on Monday.
Clothes to wash/pack/sort.
All that good stuff.
And it's going to be HOT so we'll see how much I actually get accomplished. 

More of our trip in the days to come.
Later :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Excitement is in the air!

One more wake up and we're off!
Caden has informed me that there is now way he'll ever sleep tonight.
aaah the excitement of a ten year old

It's been a busy day, as it was finally cow hauling day.
Better late than never right?
And only a month past the original haul date, so not bad.

That ol Marble must have known something was up.
She's always been an onery cuss - showing a short charge to the fence every once in a while when I bring out the feed, but today oh my she almost got my ass. 

The Hubby and I were moving them to the barn - arms flapping, hooting and hollering - you know the drill, when she put her head down and came at me full bore. 
I stood my ground for a moment flipping my stick with the string on it at her and realized she was freaking serious about trampling me!

My options were to try vaulting a four string barbed wire or a two string barbwire with an additional hot wire.
I chose the two string with the hot.
Figured I had more chance not getting the hell ripped out of me in that direction.
Just as I got to the fence I saw a low hanging branch and grabbed it to help vault over that fence. 
Yep that flung me right into the tree branches which pushed me back into the fence.
It was incredibly shocking let me tell you.
I look up to see Marble skidding past where I went over. 
That bitch turned back and started trying to come through the fence at me.
Course all this happened in a split second.
The Hubby ran up and whacked the shit out of her to get her to move away from the fence, which thankfully she did. 
I climbed out and we got them in the barn all ready for the hauler guy to come get them.

It was one of those moments when all you could do was move as fast as your ever loving ass could move.
Got a few good scratches from the branches and maybe a bruise, but I'll survive. 
Sure scared the shit out of me.

Then when loading them into the haulers trailer, Lily fell and didn't get up. 
Thought maybe she'd broken her leg at first, but the hauler said he'd move the trailer and she'd get up.
Sure enough she got up and was fine.


Glad they are gone.
Two more to go.
One to the butcher next week and the other to run with the neighbors bull till December. 

The ride yesterday with Chyann's friend went better than I expected. 

They giggled and laughed.

Chyann only showed off a little when she demonstrated  riding at a gallop with her arms outstretched.

I don't know if I'll blog or not while we are gone. 
Just have to see how it goes. 

Take it easy :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Morning coffee

Someone must have been eating and slopped some sticky shit all over the keyboard.
Who does that!
Ran up to my office and got some keyboard cleaning stuff, much better.

Another week flew by.

The highlight of my week was taking the day off to take Chyann to get her braces off. 
With all the polishing and making of the retainers it took hours and two separate appointments.

This is the first time she saw herself.
Made me all teary.

Then of course she wouldn't hold still for me to get a picture.
So I snuck up on her when she was brushing and admiring them in the mirror.

While waiting for the retainers to be made we went and got her a hair cut.
She got bangs and a lot of layers cut into it.
Her hair looks fantastic!

She emailed me this before and after picture yesterday.
Definitely worth the amount of a small car that we paid for the braces.
I can't stop staring at her teeth. They are so beautiful.

My tomato's are really starting to ripen in the garden.
Not a lot of peppers sweet or hot though. 
I'll have to buy some from Klingers when it comes time to make salsa.

Hauled my ass home from the fitness center this AM and had the BEST tomato sandwich ever.
Lightly toasted wheat, little mayo, lots of mustard, onion, swiss cheese and thickly sliced tomato's with tons of pepper and of course a side of my sweet and hot pickles. 
Breakfast of champions if I do say so my self.
Yes I'm still into the exercise classes and really enjoying them.
Still feel like I'll never make it through, but somehow I do.

Busy weekend ahead with all the cleaning, packing and getting ready for our departure on Tuesday.
Colton is staying home and finishing out his last week of work.
He'll have one week of freedom to do whatever before he heads back to School on the 2nd or 3rd of Sept. 
I'm thinking about borrowing his GPS for the trip - we're old fashioned map folks and have never used one before, but I think it'll be helpful to navigate the big cities.

The class rosters were posted this week for Caden. 
He has a teacher that Colton also had when he was in grade school.
She wasn't the best fit for Colton, but I'm going into it with an open mind and hoping Caden does well with her.
Caden is stoked thought that his best buddy and the girl he has a crush on are in the same class too.

Been doing a little putzing around on the horses as well.
It's been fun. 
No big trips recently though.
However tomorrow we are taking one of Chyann's friends out on a ride so that should be interesting.
I always worry when her friends come along. 
You just never know exactly what kind of experience they have and how they'll react if something goes sideways. 

Have a wonderful Saturday :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I don't even know where to begin.


Lot's of shit going on. Most of it un-publishable for numerous reasons.

Although I will say that tomorrow Chyann gets her braces off.
I think I have been more excited for this event than she.
It's been 19 months of mouth hell.
The orthodontist says she has the best oral hygiene he's ever seen.
All his patients could take a lesson from her.
Before and after pictures to come.

A week from today I'll be hugging my Mother tight in OK.
Can't wait to see her and Gerry.
Hope it's not too freaking hot, but really I don't give a shit - I'll be with my Mother.
No plans to do anything really.
Hang out on her porch, drink some wine and possibly play some Scrabble.
No higher expectations than that.
I'll whip up some of my finally perfected gravy though for sure.
Caden and Chyann have plans to go fishing with Grandpa daily if possible
Chyann is bummed they no longer have horses.
Although it is rumored that Grandpa sold Sunny to the Vet and the vet will let her ride him while she is visiting. Guess we'll see on that.
See some relatives of my Dad's in KS on the way down hopefully.
It's almost vacation time and I can't wait.

So I got this Kindle for Christmas.
I used it to mostly to listen to music on until recently when someone told me about this show called Supernatural.
I'd never heard of it before which is odd considering it is going to be starting it's eighth season this October.
I watch it during work.
Yeah I know that sounds odd, but there ya go.
If you like spooky books, horror movies and the like this could be the show for you.
I love it.

If you are up for a good book try anything by Karin Slaughter. I just finished her most recent book called Unseen. Enjoyed it. Start from the beginning of the series if you've never read her before.

Rode Gypsy out with Chyann tonight. We had fun. Should have brought my camera and got Chyann on film riding bareback at a gallop with her arms out wide (picture the boy from the black stallion riding on the beach). It was amazing. That girl I tell you. She is amazing.

Have you noticed how dark it is in the mornings now? I get up at 5a and it is pitch black out. Autumn is coming.

Another week of exercise classes at the gym in town. Feeling triumphant. Feeling good.

Sweet dreams, I'm off.

Miss you Kristina xoxo

PS - tried my sweet and hot pickles tonight and they are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Apple picker

While out mowing Jennifer took it upon herself to devour all the apples within reach.

According to the news we are now classified as "abnormally dry".
The grass sure looks like it eh?
And it must be fall as the damn rag weed or some other noxious allergy causing weed/flower is attempting to make me miserable.
AllegraD, eye drops and kleenex are my companions.
In the morning I wake up with goopy gunky eyes. 
By evening my nose is moderately red and I've a scratchy sore throat to go along with the gunky eyes. 

It's been a busy week.

We hauled in a trailer and pick up bed of gravel to fill in the washed out areas of the drive way.
Now that was a lot of work. 

Got the barns cleaned out.

Discovered a stray Mama cat in the barn with four newborn kittens.

Weeded my pitiful little garden.
I've got some tomato's and peppers coming in.
Every day this week I've had a tomato sandwich for lunch.
Nothing like the taste of a fresh tomato, it's heaven.

Rode horses with Chyann three times.
Didn't go far or for long, but it was fun.

Had to go into the office for a company picnic.
It was nice to see some of my old team mates. 
I'll be going into the office one day next week to help with a training class - that should be interesting.

Colton has worked 3rd shift the last two weeks.
Poor kid doesn't know if he's coming or going.
Come Monday and for the next two weeks, which will be his last two weeks on the job, he's on 2nd shift - which is much easier for him to do.
We haven't seen much of his girlfriend this summer.
She has a full time job now and since we don't have A/C or a "comfortable" bed for her she doesn't come over and don't forget road construction on the way to our house.
No shit, really.
Give me a break.

Alright, well I'm off to the step class. 
Have a fantastic Saturday :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Stepping up

Found some cutie out in the barn this morning.

Yesterdays exercise class wasn't the boot camp, but a step class (no push ups at all - yay).
About 20 minutes into it I had no idea how'd I'd make it another 40 minutes.
Somehow I did though and actually felt like a million bucks afterwards.
Thrilled that I made it through the class somehow my mouth said I'd do a kettle ball class tomorrow.
What was I thinking?!?
Moving today is pure agony.

Funny story for ya.

After the exercise class I knew if I stopped moving I'd be hurting so I kept busy weeding the garden, hanging laundry out, and cleaning.
About 5ish Chyann says lets go ride. 
Great I'm in, but have to change quick.

My closet is a mess.
I've got a thing for pants and have them stacked on the floor.
 The other day I was hunting for a particular pair and tore the place up looking for them. 
I grabbed the first pair of Levis I saw and put them on.
Turned out this was a pair of pants I'd gotten in 1996 - no idea why I remember that, but I do.
Vintage 501's with the button fly and red tab.

Now I'm thinking - This exercise thing must already be working cuz I shimmied right into them.
Yes they were tight and I definitely filled them out as I never had before and they felt weird because of the high waist, but I kind of liked that high waist - less junk hanging over the top.

I was marveling to myself that I could still wear these pants when I bent over to pick up my shoes and ripped the ass right out of them!

Perfect right?!

Anywho, we had a fun ride. 
Forgot the camera again though.

Have a good day :)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday morning coffee

Dang it's August already.
Sure is chilly here this morning.
Had to go find some socks my feet were so cold. 

Chyann and I went riding on Wednesday. 
Instead of the half mile walk to the West to the trail head, we snuck through our neighbors to the East's backyard and then through another neighbors back pasture.
Worked out pretty good. 

Gypsy and Jenny were nose in the air nervy with the new route. 
I had to make Gypsy do some circles and get her brain focused on her feet instead of that invisible tiger she was sure was coming for us. 
As you can see in the below pictures, most of the fields we went through didn't get planted this year due to the wet. 

Damn cows sure put a crimp in our riding areas.
We were able to venture through quite a bit of open fields, but every place we wanted to go was fenced off.

For as wet as it was earlier in the year, it sure is dry now. 

I said good bye to Krissy yesterday afternoon.
She should be on her way this morning.
Safe travels to you my friend.
I am going to miss you so much.

Currently I'm trying not to guzzle coffee as I'm going to the fitness center in town to do some boot camp exercise thing with the Mother of a friend of Caden's in 20 minutes.
Krissy did this class a few times and said it is a bitch.
Lot's of pushups - which is going to freaking kill my hands and shoulder.
I said I'd do this why?

Alright, I'm off. 
Have a good day!