Friday, August 10, 2012


Made it through another week.

The weather no longer feels like the dog days of August, but cooler days of September.
In fact I'm sitting here in jeans and a sweatshirt for the first time in months. Supposed to get down to 46* by tomorrow morning too - burrrrr.

all this cool weather means fantastic riding weather!

These pictures were taken on Sunday.
It was a gorgeous day!
Chyann and I had the best ride!

Not sure how far from home we were, but we were gone over two hours.

Scotch looking at and smelling....

all this freshly cut alfalfa.

I love this picture of Chyann and Jenny.
Chyann looks sooo happy.

Got some good rain this week too.
The tomato's are really ripening up in the garden and I've got beans galore.

Caden has been busy with his dirt bike. Gettin a little braver all the time, but still managing to keep it upright - thankfully.

I think they are all getting anxious for school. Not that they'd really admit that to anyone, but I can tell.

What else is new?
I really need a stinking hair cut.
Still planning on the 5K w/Krissy come Sept and have been doing a minimum of 30 minutes of  elliptical a day. Not that that is probably the greatest training for a 5K, but I figure better than nothing. Kris is probably gonna blow me away anyhow lol.
I've found that I really am liking the regular exercise and my body sure can tell when I miss a day or two.
Our electric bill was 60 bucks more for the month of July and we don't even have freakin A/C! A note on the bottom of the bill said higher bill because of the hot weather. Well no shit, really? but 60 bucks! that is crazy. Can't imagine what folks with A/C's bill looked like.
Had a nasty little bear tick embedded in my thigh. Don't think it was there more than 12 hrs. Please no Lyme's disease.. eesh. 

Until tomorrow :)

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Nikker said...

$60 more than normal?! I'd be requiring some CPR!
Great riding pictures! I am in love with the corn rows. Not sure what it is about them, but I just WANT to ride down one...if I could do it and not piss off a farmer that it! :0)