Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bears? oh yes.

Chyann and I went out for a ride yesterday afternoon.

Jenny was acting peculiar. Nose in the air, jittery and really not wanting to go in the direction we were headed. Scotch didn't mind much and only a time or two did he think turning around was a good idea. So we continued on.

Jenny was becoming increasingly agitated, which of course was starting to effect Scotch. Chyann was just saying she thought we should just turn around and go home when I saw a black bear lumbering on the edge of a field not too far from where we were! EEK!

In a calm voice, so not to panic Chyann, I tell her there is a bear not far from us and to start heading back the way we came. She is like WHAT!?!?!?!? but didn't say more or even look around to see what I was talking about, she turns and starts back at at sedate pace. Although we did gallop through one field and up a hill, we did pretty good not freaking out I think.

Chyann is saying now that Jenny is so smart! She knew there was something out there the whole time! Did she? Most likely I think.

Good scare for the day.
 Chyann is worried about riding out now. I am somewhat more concerned as well, but not enough to let it put a halt to our rides. I knew every time we rode out that there was a possibility of a bear encounter. She kind of forgot about bears after we saw the one earlier this year and was only concerned about a deer bounding out and spooking Jenny. Which is also a definite possibility. We've just got to be smart and stay on our toes.

Anyhow, after we got home we all went in the back pasture and looked at an oak tree I'm going to dig up and transplant one of these days.

Shasta is on a leash because she has been mysteriously disappearing for hours at a time into the corn field. No idea what she is doing, but Caden gets worried she wont come back so has decided to keep her on a leash for a while.

Climbing the gate. You see all those yellow looking weeds behind them? That is the dreaded rag weed that I'm allergic to and man is it killing me this year!

Gypsy, Jenny and Scotch.
 You'd think they'd keep their food in the feeder. 

The adorable Casper.

Got the lawn mowed yesterday and made a fantastic casserole with garden veggies for dinner.

Have a great day!


Ami said...

Okay, I'd rather have a possum in my house than encounter a bear in HIS house.

Glad everything was/is fine.

~mel said...

Having grown up with horses in bear country ~ I can attest ... those horses do not like being in the vicinity of one. I'm glad they didn't panic on you and you were able to keep control and get home safely :)

tainterturtles said...

Yikes, a bear in your neck-of-the-woods! Your horse was very perceptive. I'm glad you and Chyann could still get out for a ride. Won't be long and the kids will be back in school.