Sunday, August 5, 2012

Big winds!

We had a storm on Wednesday night that brought winds in excess of 65mph. Some folks in the area had straight line winds too.

When I got up and fed the animals at 5a, it was still pretty dark  - can you believe how fast we are loosing daylight already?!! - and I didn't see any major damage from the high winds, other than about half my peppers and tomato's in the garden getting pushed over.

Imagine my surprise when I happened to look out my office window at 610a and see my poor most favorite maple tree had lost another section!

I grabbed my camera on the way out the door to check it out.

Not much left of it now.

I don't know a lot about trees, except that I love them and think they are beautiful.

 I wonder if it can live this way or if I'm just prolonging the inevitable? Also there is a very small sucker that has begun growing next to the trunk, so maybe we should just cut it all down but that sucker? I don't know. What do you think?

A little nest got thrown from the tree.

Later in the day.

The calves sure loved that branch being down though.
They went climbing in the branches, scratching themselves all over and eating the leaves. Must have seemed like a great treat for them, even laying in the shade it provided when they were ready for a nap.

Spend most of Thursday afternoon tying up my plants in the garden.

Course we had another big wind storm on Friday night that pushed the rest of my tomato's and peppers over. Not to mention really blew a ton of  apples from the trees.

Thinking about making some applesauce early with all the downed apples. They are about ready anyhow and if not quite sweet enough I'll just add a crap load of sugar.

We broke out those sweet and hot pickles I made two weeks ago and guess what?! THEY WERE FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

We ate them right from the jar and chopped up on a hot dog as relish - yumo!

Much cooler weather today, we might not even make it to 80* so to hell with all chores and other junk that needs to be done! I'm riding horses :)

Hope you have as great a day too!


Ami said...

I HATE wind!!! Especially when it damages stuff. It scares me.

Eric is making pickles today. One of the hottest damn days of the year.

He does dishes, he cooks, he cans, he loves women.

I think my husband is a lesbian.

Nikker said...

I second (or is it third?) the hating wind comment! :0) Your poor tree...I'm guessing that it's at the end of it's life span with all that damage... :0(
It's nice the calves are finding something good about the whole affair! Calves are the funnest when they play! Love them!!

Lisa said...

I hate wind. Growing up we lived by the ocean and even though I love the ocean, I hate the whistling winds that come in the winter. It freaks me out! Even if it's not that cold out, if it's windy I'm freezing!

tainterturtles said...

Bike man says just leave the maple tree for now. Maples are known for sending out suckers when the tree has suffered damage. We also have a maple tree that got hit twice in storms and we just left it. It doesn't look the greatest, but the birds still enjoy the tree.

Lyndylou said...

Oh that poor tree! I find wind a bit scary I have to admit. Damn weather. In Scotland we have had nothing but rain rain rain. I think my feet are going to become webbed!

Anonymous said...

Really? You ate a hotdog?

Aunt Krissy

Anonymous said...

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