Thursday, February 2, 2012

Suspiciously Silent?

 Life has been kinda crazy and I've been feeling mean so like any bitch, I've been biting some ass like Gypsy is doing. 
A ton of changes at work. My work group was dissolved and dispersed to different teams. New supervisor, new everything. Still have a job and still working at home with my great hours so I'm not going to complain too much, but it has been a mite stressful of late.

Finally get the time/energy to blog and find everything is new. What is up with this?


Chyann got braces last week. She is as lovely as ever with her pink bands.
I had no friggin idea how much braces would be. We've got TWO insurance's paying for the next two years (don't get fired or quit or you'll owe what they haven't paid yet) $500 down and still have a monthly payment! Holy Shit!! Totally worth it though :)

Hell, today is also the 1 year anniversary of her getting the Ilizarov fixator put on. Can't believe it's been a year already. 40mm of new bone growth in six weeks. Modern medicine at it's best and what a difference it's made for her. I asked her last night if the pain and misery had been worth it and she firmly answered yes. That is good, no regrets.

Speaking of bones, the eldest continues to heal and is getting more mobility everyday in his ankle. Still not back to work, but probably soon.

We've got mice in the dog food tub out in the barn. How they got in there I do not know. The little buggers ate a hole in the snow machine seat too. We were going to get it out last weekend since we'd finally gotten enough snow to run it, but found some wires chewed and the holy seat. Course the weather has warmed up and melted most of the snow again so who knows when we'll attempt to run it again. 

Until next time - toodles


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you again! No Caden news this time? :-) that must be a good thing.
Its a good thing you guys have had insurance over the years huh?? you've used it!! we finally did when Bill had his arthritis issues and still do for his medication. If we didnt have insurance, we'd pay $1500.00/month for it. We pay $50 for 3 months. Gotta keep this great State job!!
maybe you'll get some of this snow we've been having. supposed to get up to 4 more inches today, but then a break for a day or so. Gotta get the driveway plowed!

have a great weekend..
hi to all.

Ami said...

I think you should post more photos of horsebites. :)

I'd love to send one to a few people, especially an ass bite photo!!

So glad your son is healing up well. :)

Blog more.

Aunt Krissy said...

So whos butt did you chew on? That good news about Chy and Colton!