Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day!

The weather folks had been forecasting a whopper of a storm for Tuesday night for the last week and since all the previous storms have been non-events, I assumed this one would be the same.


We got at least 10" of the heavy wet, hard to shovel snow!

The kids got a snow day, their first this winter and I had a hell of a time working as the power kept going out. In total we had five brief outages that took my work computer forever to recover from.

After work the real work began - moving all that white stuff, that is probably not even going to stick around long as we are forecast to get up to the 50's by next week. Melt-O-rama is coming.

The sweetest filthy Casper.

Funny, Chyann told me several times today that she was bored. I named off a slew of things she could do, but she declined them all as they were work related. The kid is definitely growing up when snow days are no longer fun.

Toodles :)


Anonymous said...

can we send some of our snow your way?? at least 1.5 feet since Sunday! and it just wont quit! at least ours is light and fluffy for now. I'm tired of shoveling.


Ami said...

"I am not here to entertain you. I have provided many things for you to entertain yourself. I suggest you do so, or I will find you some chores."


Hope you're on high ground when it melts!!

tainterturtles said...

We certainly got our exercise workout this morning....and totally drenched in sweat!

Yippee, spring is getting closer.

PAK ART said...

You are finally getting some winter! I always love pics of Caspar. He is my dream horse, exactly what I wanted when I was a child, except my dream horse had spots.

Aunt Krissy said...

That Chy! I remember whining to my folks too and then when dad started making us "work" I soon learned to keep my mouth shut! Looks like Chy is getting wise too.