Sunday, February 5, 2012

Riding and Sand thoughts

Yesterday was the best day.

After breakfast Chyann and I rode horses. I had not ridden in sooo long. I don't even remember the last time, prob was back in Octoberish though.

Chyann rides just about every day and has been keeping the horses tuned up. The temp was in the low 40's and perfect. We went further to the West than we've ever been before. It was wonderful and beautiful!
Got off at home with a severe case of noodle legs. Hobbled to the house wishing we had a hot tub.

Felt like cooking and spent the rest of the day in the kitchen, which inspired Chyann to make peanut butter fudge too. My end result was a delicious cauliflower cream in a homemade bread bowl. I had never made the bowls before and they were a huge hit with all.

Today looks to be another gorgeous day. It was a little frosty this AM.

Frosty sunflower.

Picture looking to the south from our back property line - neighbors lone horse Copper. Do you see the snowy area on the ridge in the far distance? That whole area was just logged. We were worried when we first heard the machine noise that the owner had sold out to the silica sand miners that are swarming the area, but thankfully he was just selling some timber.

 It's getting crazy around here with folks selling off their land to the miners. Within a 15 mile radius of our house there are 3 friggin mines. None of them are currently impacting our lives, other than having to try and traverse the back roads with numerous sand dump trucks (counted 15 that passed me on an 8 mile stretch of road one day), but I assure you they are making a huge impact on other folks that live nearer to them.

 The mine closest to us just opened last year. What gets me is that it's not going to be in operation for a year or two or even five, but for 40 whole damn years! That is the rest of my life. Kinda hard to fathom, eh?

No one knows the impact of such mining on the water table, air quality or habitat for animals. A lot of locals have fought hard to keep the mine out, but with the kind of money the sand company has to throw around to the county officials, we didn't have much of a chance keeping them out. Crooked bastards.

The Hubby says we are not living any closer to a mine than we already are. We didn't move to a rural area to have our lifestyle invaded by heavy machinery digging and moving sand 24/7 for the next 40 years.

So we will move if this comes to pass. Another thought is what are these sand mines doing to housing prices? Could we actually sell our home/land for much if a mine is parked right next door? Probably not. Maybe we should consider leaving now? Decisions, decisions...


It is Super Bowl Sunday!
I don't really care who wins, but am hoping for one hell of a game!


Ami said...

I really love the photos you put on your blog. Just like being there only I don't have to freeze my noonies off!!

The sand thing? God, that's awful. I am really, really sorry. What a shit thing to have happen. I hope that no one gets closer to you than they are now... OR that they decide your property would be perfect and offer you like 10 mil. I'd relocate for 10 mil.


tainterturtles said...

I love the frosty ponies backside!

My heart breaks for you Kellie. We went to an informational meeting at UW-Stout and found out lots of disturbing facts about frac mining. Sadly, your house and land will probably lose in value ($) if the mining gets any closer to you.

My hubby remembers the sand mines out in West Virginia and after they leave, it's not a pretty sight....even though they tell you they restore the land. It's all a big lie. Money talks and our State is selling out to these mining companies.

Thanks for taking a stand and speaking out.

Aunt Krissy said...

That bread bowl looks really good! Was it hard to make?

I feel that the sand mines are a mixed problem. As you know, TJ now drives truck for them and I'm really glad that he has a good paying job (with bennies) and that he does not have to go "over the road" as a trucker. With the economy the way it is, the sand mines do employ lots of people in our county and our county needs jobs. But then, I also do not have three mines within 15 miles of my house so I do not feel the impact as much as you do. It's a difficult situation.