Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the News

Colton and his buddy Tom caught on tape panhandling in town.

Tom goes to school in the cities and doesn't have a job, so when he needs extra cash that his folks don't provide (they want him to get a job) he goes out and plays for money.

Colton went with him a few times last summer and they've made anywhere from 20-50 bucks each time.

A guy the Hubby knows, that owns a restaurant/bar saw them on the news and has said they can come in on Sundays and play at his place for tips - he will even provide lunch. 

Also, FYI Tom and Colton were both in Orchard Warden together. The band broke up when the singer/screamer guy got a gal pregnant and had to get a job. Big reality for the boys when that happened.

Anyhow, happy hump day :)


Aunt Krissy said...

Well, it's good that Tom's not out there doing "bad" things to get some extra cash! Love that name singer/screamer. Remember when he siad "Now a love song?" and it sounded just like the other 5 songs before? I still laugh about that!

Lisa said...

That is just so cool!

PAK ART said...

Are they playing rock or is it that head-banging stuff? I like Kris' comment and am assuming it's more of the head-banging type. Hard to tell from the short video clip, but that's awesome that he gets to play at the rest/bar for lunch and tips. Oh to be young and free!

ps my camera is a Canon Power Shot A2000 IS and has 6X optical zoom and 10.0 Mega Pixels. I don't know what all that stands for, but it is a great camera and takes really good pictures.