Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our own Christmas Story moment

 So we've all (probably) seen the Christmas classic A Christmas Story. It's about Ralphie's quest to get a red rider BB gun for Christmas and the lengths he will go to attempting to change every one's fear that he will "shoot your eye out".

Anyhow, during the movie there is a scene when the family is in the car heading home and they get a flat tire. Ralphie is out helping Dad and drops the hubcap filled with the lug nuts and says the unthinkable!
 uhm, well they censored it out with Fudge, but you get the idea.

Last night we were in the living room watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Caden was tinkering with the newest Lego town which he has set up on the coffee table. He was attempting to scoop a ton of little Lego's into his shirt to put back in the box when he dropped them all on the floor and said the unthinkable! and no it wasn't Fudge!

I about died.

 First I was totally shocked such a word would pour so effortlessly from my youngest child's sweet lips. Then I was trying not to laugh because he was miserable with the knowledge that he'd said that out loud.

Now folks, I'm no saint. Fact is I cuss like a sailor most days, although I endeavor to keep the worst words from the kids' tender ears. He is apparently well versed with cussing since his favorite thing to do is hang with his idol Colton and Colton is known for his salty tongue when the folks aren't around.

No punishment for this slip of the tongue, but a pledge was delivered to speak with more class in the future (me as well).

Taken about a week ago and yes those are undies on his head, he was postponing his shower as long as possible.

Took an evening ride with Chyann yesterday. The horses were jumpy as hell. Lots of noise and distractions so we had our hands full keeping them focused on us. Going to head out again today. Can't wait :)

Sure miss Football on Sunday's.


Ami said...

Profanity lives strong in many lives, ours included. Time and a place... I never worry, they know not to say it in front of their grandma or the dotty but nice religious old lady who lives next door.

Like the underwear photo, I have one somewhere of me wearing Eric's underwear on my head. Long story. Not suitable for your blog. Or any blog.

Happy Weekend.

tainterturtles said...

I would have been shocked too....that word makes me shutter. Blame the bus, kids learn too much on their bus ride to school. My own kids confessed years later about all the stuff they heard on the bus.

Undies? Caden's too much fun, ha!!!!

Aunt Krissy said...

I think that's funny! I can just see it going down. Was Caden wanting to know if he was bad?

PAK ART said...

That is a great story! I know that feeling exactly. My daughter occasionally slips out a word I don't approve of. But when her cute little 4 year old was saying it, not so cute! I think she and her husband both learned a hard lesson there!