Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hay Day

Yesterday we had to restock our hay supply. Our hay monger lives about 3 miles to the north from us so it wasn't a long trip. We pay a little more for the convenience of choosing to get it from this guy, but the Hubby thinks it is well worth the extra money as the hay is always good, it's close, they are nice folks and we don't have to buy in bulk.

The mister of the operation was actually in AK trapping in Cantwell so his wife did the loading.

I was majorly impressed with her skid steer skills.

And told her if she ever gave lessons, I'd be first in line to learn how to maneuver that machine so smoothly!

It was about -5 with no wind, thankfully. The sky was a spectacular shade of blue.

The bales in the truck are straight alfalfa and on the trailer are a grassy alfalfa mix.

The end result. Ready for the trip home.

Backing up to the barn so we can use the wench to pull the bales off into the barn.
Scotch watching intently.

Our hay monger quit bailing the small squares a few years ago and not a lot of farmers in this area still put out the small bales, so we get the big squares. They weight about 900lbs. Depending on the weather we go through about a bale a week.

Colton has started weight bearing on his right foot and using one crutch. He is doing well and the foot isn't hurting at all - YAY!

Football playoffs today!


Anonymous said...

THat's a lot of hay.

Aunt Krissy said...

When I had goats it was a pain trying to get the small ones. Remember that big one that you guys brought over? That took all winter and then some for them to eat it all.