Sunday, March 4, 2012

A mystery and some blither blather

Ever wonder how your silverware drawer gets soo dirty?
Why should it ever be dirty?
All you do is open it, grab a fork or whatever and close it right?

It's not like it is left open for fluff, hair and other ishy stuff to get in and settle around the compartments of your silverware holder. Or do you not use one of those handy divider things and your utensils are loose in one drawer? What do your corners look like if that is the case?

Course if it was left open I'd be the one to smack their hip on it and break the drawer. That would hurt and the drawer would never be left open again, but i digress...

Yesterday I noticed how ishy my silverware drawer was and cleaned that baby out. It got me wondering how, if it is most often closed, can it get so dirty?

Anyone have the answer to this mystery?

We got another light dusting of snow last night. Sure was beautiful out this morning. Heard a few birds singing too.
Millie and Molly this morning enjoying their breakfast.

Gypsy, Jennifer and Cowboy.

My Dad in AK announced that he is retiring on April 1st. Unbelievable. He's been employed at the same cargo airline for about 35 years.  I'm very happy for him, but am sad for some reason too. My brother feels the same and since after Dad leaves AK, which is his plan, my brother wont have any relatives in AK.

Speaking of my brother, he sent me a goofy text yesterday, that was being relayed to me by Chyann. It started out with knock, knock - then Green Bay sucks. I thought it meant that he was in Green Bay doing something with fire engines because that is where the DOT buys them from and the DOT guys come down to inspect them before they are shipped up. I got all excited thinking he could drive over and with Mom and Gerry coming up Monday we would have a FAMILY REUNION!!!!

I immediately called him only to find out he was in AK snow blowing the driveway and not in Green Bay. What a bummer, I about cried.
 I was very excited there for a few minutes.
 You don't always realize how much you miss someone until there is a possibility or glimmer of seeing them again.
I miss you Jeff xoxo

Anyhow, we are going to enjoy this day by dragging out the mouse infested snow machine and make some trails before this snow is gone - which will be soon as we are going to be in the mid 50's by Tuesday.



Ami said...

In my silverware drawer. The dog left us in October, I am still catching little drifts of hair in corners on the floor, reasonable since I am not the world's greatest housekeeper.

But two mornings ago I cleaned out the tray thing in my silverware drawer and there were DOG HAIRS in it!!!

My brother is coming to Oregon this month. (He lives in Michigan.)

I won't get to see him, though, because I can't get away to make the drive and can't afford the 4 buck a gallon gas to get there.

He's coming out to help his wife with her dad's estate stuff.

We're scheduled to reach 60 degrees here today.


Lisa said...

Ok, I got one for does cat hair get into my freezer? I'm sure the cat doesn't sleep in there.

Another one is...why do only men get bellybutton lint? And why is it always blue or grey?

PAK ART said...

The same elves who steal one of the pair of socks from the dryer also puts lint and stuff in the drawers. I'm sure of it.

Anonymous said...

I took out my vegetable drawers from the fridge the other day and there was dog hair under them!! and yes, I've seen it in the freezer too... oh well... I'm sure there is human hair in their bed!! :-)


Aunt Krissy said...

Last summer I got ANTS in my silverware!? How did that happen?! But I gave it a good scrubbing then and used lots of bleach and they did not some back. Now it's looking pretty grubby again. How? you tell me.