Thursday, December 29, 2011

And so it goes...

AAh Christmas is done.

Since we rarely have family here for holidays (or any other time) I think the kids will always remember having Mom and Gerry with us to celebrate this holiday.

Mom, Chyann and I played numerous games of Scrabble and if you can believe this - Chyann kicked our buns most every game! And that is not even letting her win! She was coming up with seven letter obscure words that knocked our socks off!

Watched a few favorite Christmas movies.

Wrapped the last of the presents.

Had so much fun cooking with my Mother and even doing all those damn dishes.

The weather was unseasonably warm, mid 30's on Christmas day and the wind was blowing so that made Chyann's Christmas day ride a bit blustery and cold. She had to try out her new pink helmet and the ear band that fits perfectly under the helmet.

Jenny banged up her shin so she took Scotch and ponied Casper.

She was irritated that I didn't come out and ride too. What can I say I'm a big pansy, it was too cold for me.

Mom and Gerry left on Monday about noon and had a miserable trip back to OK due to numerous flat tires and other little mishaps. Then get home to find most of their 30 cows have went through the fence. Good thing Gerry has them trained to come running at the sound of his voice. Didn't take him too long to get them rounded back up and back in their pen.

Colton is really doing well. Not a lot of pain anymore and has figured out the crutches. I'm taking him in today for a bandage change so we'll get a good look at his ankle.

Toodles :)


Ami said...

Hope everything continues to go well with Colton.

Cracking up at a bunch of cows coming when they're called. :) Makes me giggle.

And riding in cold weather? My god, I whine when I have to go from my front door to the car, a distance of about 15 feet.

She's tougher than I am!

Anonymous said...

Dang - just knew Santa would surprise you with a dishwasher!!

Kellie said...

Boy I wish!

Aunt Krissy said...

Maybe Santa is just late with your dishwasher?
I think that I'm getting used to the WI wx. I wear my coat now when it's 30 or so. And a hat!
Also gald that you got your scrabble fix. That Chy, she's a sharp one!