Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aaah the snow is here..

Sure is starting to feel like the holiday season here with all the snow we got this last weekend.

About 3" and it is here to stay if the cold temps after the big snow are any indication.

Yes we got that pool cover, but haven't put it on. Any bets that we end up not doing it at all? Just stuffing it in the basement until next fall - that's my guess. We've never not put a cover on and I wonder what the water will look like in the spring.

Got the Christmas picture taken too - maybe this year I'll find the time to ACTUALLY get it sent out (fingers crossed).

How's your Christmas stress level this year? Me.. I'm starting to worry a bit.

No shopping even started for me yet. I'm planning on doing some online shit shit weekend and hitting the stores on Saturday after work - yes I'm working on Saturday, possibly Sunday too.

We've got some mandatory OT going on at work. Which is relatively easy to do working from home.

Although I will say I was surely pissed off tonight when I came downstairs and see no dishes done, the table loaded down with backpacks/books/dirty dishes and the entryway loaded with messy shoes/coats and no one even thinking of dinner - Except to say "what's for dinner ma?". This after working from 730a - 635p.. Really? Are you shitting me!?!

So -- I had to get pissy.

THEN everyone starts to get into action; table cleared, entry way straightened, dishes unloaded, laundry unloaded/put away and all that - even had help making dinner.

There. No what wasn't so hard now was it? And your mama is a much happier gal.

Deep breath now..

That's better....


Happy Hump day :)

Only 17 more shopping days till Christmas


tainterturtles said...

Love the doggy pic!

Oh Kellie, take a deep breath. Maybe one or two gifts per family member? Please go easy on yourself.

Anonymous said...

Kellie !! I was wondering how working from home was going.

our family decided to do a gift exchange this year instead of everyone getting gifts... so now I just have to decide on one gift.. and even thats hard!!

Your parents are probably reading your blog saying... that sounds familiar!! I'm sure we were like that when we were kids!

Happy Hump Day to you too.