Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's happening?

Got thrown off last Thursday morning by unexpectedly having no Internet service at home, then having to scramble around to make it into the office on time. Was great to see everyone though.

Mom and Gerry came up on Friday night and spent the weekend with us. Gerry went for hay and Mom did a marathon shopping expedition with me. They left Sunday around noonish and I got a good nap in, then watched the Packers spank the Raiders - did you kick the TV in Jeff?

I was nominated at work for a Service Hero award with the grand prize being a trip to Florida in February. I didn't win the trip but was taken out to lunch yesterday with the other nominees and received a nice certificate.

Colton has finals this week.

Christmas is a mere 10 days from now and I still have a snot load of shopping to do.

Mom and Gerry are coming back up for Christmas, this will be wonderful as I haven't had a Christmas with them in probably 14 years.

Chyann and Caden have the most awful coughs. I am feeling the crud creeping in again as well...

It has warmed up here and the snow has mostly melted. Sloppy mess.

My absolutely most favorite appliance - the dishwasher, took a shit on Sunday night. The kids and I have been washing dishes by hand, eeew. New experience for the kids since we've always had a dishwasher. Why does this kind of thing always happen right before a holiday or some other time you'd least like to have to replace it?

I got all the Christmas cards done last night and will be mailing those suckers today!

Chyann is keeping the cats locked in her room at night so we haven't had the tree knocked over recently. Gracie will occasionally try to climb it, but not as often since I throw pillows at her any time she is near the tree.

Got to get moving as I'm working in the office again today to attend a meeting and a holiday celebration.

Happy Hump day :)


Ami said...

There IS no good time for a dishwasher to die.

A moment of silence for yours.

Man. You're busy!
I won't ask you to do anything for me, m'kay?

Lisa said...

Congrats on the nomination! Yes, there never is a good time for a dishwasher to die. I'll be praying for it's soul and your sanity.

Anonymous said...

You sure have a way with words and crack me up with some of ur comments!! So... do you think Krissy will move back to AK - I see on Patty's post that boyfriend wuld like to move to AK and get some land!!

Kellie said...

I know. Crazy as it seems, she may actually move back to AK..

Tookie said...

Hey congrats on the certificate, nice!

I have to work on Christmas cards tomorrow. Have to go to the library to print out our insert..out of ink in the printer.