Monday, December 5, 2011

Early Christmas surprise

Chyann and I received a lovely surprise in the mail.

Completely unexpected my wonderful brother Jeff sent me a card that made me cry and necklaces that his son's wife made - guess that would make her my niece in law? Funny too that her name is also Kelly, spelled different, but again there is a Kelly Wilson in the family.

Kelly is back in AK while her Hubby, my nephew Cody, is in pre-ranger school.

Kelly is a quite the crafty gal and has her own etsy shop. You can check out her items here

Chyann is trying not to look too thrilled, as one of her friends is taking the picture.

Closer pic of Chyann's heart.
It didn't occur to me to have her take a pic of mine till I was posting this today. Not the best self portrait. If you can't tell my heart is white w/yellow (my favorite color) polka dots and my initial K. We love our heart charms and the chains are of very nice quality too!

They are such a hit several of Chyann's friends are going to order necklaces as well. You wouldn't know it, because he NEVER comments but my brother is an avid reader of my blog. He usually reads it at work - he works the graveyard shift at the airport in Anchorage and apparently all his co-workers are readers as well - So HELLO to all you DOT workers in AK! Finnish your coffee and get back to work :)

Thanks Jeff, you really made my day! I love you xoxo


lyndylou said...

I love those necklaces and what a lovely surprise :)

Ami said...

Beautiful. The necklaces AND you and your daughter.

I am giving my brothers a gift this year. My dad plays Santa in their little town, and I have a photo of my mom sitting on Santa's lap. Gonna have it printed and framed for them both.

I doubt either one of them will worry about getting me a gift.

But I don't care.

Anonymous said...

Jeff has a son old enough to be married??? wow.. time does fly. I guess I've known you for almost 25 years :-)

the necklaces are great.. what a nice thought.

have a great day!!

Kellie said...

I know isn't that unreal Rose??!!

I've told Krissy to give you a HUGE hug and kiss when she see's you!

Had the best PenAir dream last nite - we were at the lake hood office during the spill. Was like having the best visit with all our old friends..

Come see us soon :)