Sunday, December 18, 2011

An open letter to Mr Dishwasher

Oh Mr Dishwasher how I miss you.

It has been one week since you went to appliance heaven - although your current resting place is still in my kitchen, you are indeed gone, gone, gone.

Every time I walk by you I wish you were back with me.

I long to push your buttons, to turn you on and hear your motor run.

As I slather my red and chapped hands with lotion I realize how much I took for granted that you would always be with me.

When we first looked at this house with the Realtor I fell in love with it.

I told the Hubby how perfect this house was for our family and he said "but there is no dishwasher." I promptly responded with "I'd live in that house forever with no dishwasher!"

(no shit i really said that)

We bought the house and began this fairy tale life.

Did I mention that I was pregnant when we moved in? And that it was the hottest summer on record, with high humidity and temps 90* to 100* for most of the summer and we had an Indian summer in Oct as well? And that we are from Alaska where the high temp is about mid 70's? And we had no air-conditioner?

Well, all that is true and I washed the damn dishes by hand everyday, sometimes multiple times a day because we are a family that likes to EAT and I had young children that had no concept of using one freaking glass a day.

All was well.

Until my Lovely Mother and Gerry came for Caden's birth.

I was one miserably fat and horribly swollen gal.

This pic was taken two days before Caden was born. It's hard to see, but my ankles were about the size of my knees.
And this is when my (as previously stated) Lovely Mother and Gerry decided I needed you as a house-warming present and brought you home to me.

You were not just any dishwasher, but a state of the art portable dishwasher since the kitchen wasn't built with a dishwasher in mind and there was not a lot of time available for Gerry/the Hubby to install one.

I fell in love instantly! Completely and totally realizing what a help you would be in my life. Allowing me more time with my infant son and two older kids - especially Chyann who was massively jealous of Caden. And in later years making it possible to escape the kitchen and learn new things like gardening and renewing my love of horses.

I miss you Mr Dishwasher.

But you will be replaced.

I'm not sure if it will be with another portable model or one that is installed under the cabinet or exactly when your replacement is coming, but one will be and hopefully soon.

Forever yours,




tainterturtles said...

Maybe Santa will hear your plea!

Wow, love the pregnant photo.

Mikey said...

When my dishwasher died, it was tough. I thought I could hang for a little while and hand wash dishes, but no... so I know how you feel and hope Santa brings you one asap. Have a Merry Christmas!!

PAK ART said...

So sorry to hear of your dishwasher woes! I am pausing for a moment of silence in it's honor. I would hate to go back to the way life used to be, before dishwashers. They have got to be one of the best conveniences in life....alongside clothes washers and dryers. How did people manage in the olden days? I enjoyed Kris and TJ - I think they plan to move up here but you'll have to ask them.

Anonymous said...

Kellie!! love the Ode to the Dishwasher! we was dishes by hand 90% of the time, but its just us 2. I run the dishwasher once a month or when we have company just to make sure it still works.
its good for the kids to know how to wash by hand!!


Anonymous said...

P. S. what does Caden think of the preggo photo?? xoxox

Kellie said...

Caden said - boy the kitchen looks clean! then went on to remark about how funny i looked.