Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another 365 days have passed

Goodbye 2011 and HELLO 2012!

I'm going to say 2011 was pretty momentous for our family. I think I'll do a year in review blog later in the week.

We went to a fun New Years Eve party at my good friend Sherri's place. Great company, good food - really the best best garlic cream cheese sour cream dip stuff!, lots of laughs, some games too.

I petered out early due to having had to work yesterday AM and apparently not getting a long enough nap so we were home by about 1130p. Good thing too because it had started snowing earlier and the roads were really crappy. A drive that usually takes about six minutes took almost a half hour, that's how snotty the roads were.

And we came home to find Chyann and her buddy that spent the night, outside riding Gypsy double bareback in the snow with no helmets, bridle, or even a halter and did I mention it was DARK or that Gypsy had not been ridden in about a month?!?! All Chyann had on Gypsy was a rope around her neck - she neck reigns.

Of all the dumb ass things to do!


Funny we had just been talking earlier in the evening of the stupid shit we all did as kids and how it was amazing that we lived through adolescence! Most of the stories we told involved booze, smoking and sneaking out. Guess I can be grateful Chyann's idea of stupid shit didn't involve any of that, but still mighty dangerous all the same.

By the time all the horse confessions were over with it was just about time for the ball to drop.

The Hubby took the kids outside to blow off a few fireworks in the falling snow

and I was snoozing before 1a.

This morning it's trying to snow again and a bit windy.

Little Millie is not so little anymore. Six months and a week old the Hubby is making noise about weaning her.

Gypsy and Jennifer this morning.

You can still see butt marks on Gypsy's back from the girl's midnight ride.

The lovable Sparky.

Hope you had a safe New Years Eve and have a wonderful New Year!


Ami said...

When I was a teen in Montrose Colorado, my friend Libby and I brought in 1979 by driving around on the icy streets, me hanging out the sunroof, clanging pots together through quiet neighborhoods screaming, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!"

I was wearing my pajamas.
It was 12 below zero.

And nothing bad happened.

Happy New Year!!!

tainterturtles said...

We use to go out for New Year's Eve like years and years ago! Now we just like to stay home. I treated myself to peach bellini's last night (peach nectar, champagne & peach schnapps). Very yummy drink!

I'm hoping for a better 2012.

PAK ART said...

Happy New Year Kelli! I've enjoyed getting to know you better this past year - I know you are Krissy's friend, but can I share too?! Kids do crazy things - it's a wonder we all survived!