Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve and more

Happy Christmas!

I can't believe it's already Christmas eve.

Colton's surgery went well yesterday. The doc cleaned the area all out and said Coton's prognosis is good - if he doesn't smash that new cartilage. He had a nerve block and pain yesterday afternoon was pretty minimal. Even going so far as to make plans to have the girlie-friend pick him up on Christmas day to spend some time at her family's house. BUT the nerve blocker wore off last night and he was about 40 minutes behind on the pain meds and was miserable for literally hours. Finally got enough meds in him for him to sleep at about 5a.
He's never had this kind of pain before and has no idea how to handle it. He keeps bring up Chyann and the bone operations she's had in the past and saying he is a wimp compared to her - how did she do this - and he is a major klutz using the crutches, saying how'd Chyann make using crutches look so easy? She has been giving him pointers, but he is not getting it.. Practice grasshopper I tell him. He will get the hang of crutches and get through this.

Mom and Gerry arrived yesterday about a half hour before we got home from the surgery center. They ran into a few snow showers on the way here, but nothing significant until they hit our neck of the woods. We get about a half inch of snow that made the roads slicker than snot. Looks like we may have a white Christmas after all. Course on Monday we are forecast to get up to the low 40's so it wont last long.

Caden thinks he broke his nose at school on Wednesday. He was doing a flip and fell hitting his knee into his nose. OUCH! Had quite the bloody nose at school he said. His nose is only a bit swollen and definitely has a new bump on bridge and a slight black eye on the right. Christ o mighty!

What else?

The pigs got hauled to the butcher on Wednesday.

We got the cows back from the butcher. I'll have to take a pic and show you what almost 800lbs of beef looks like.

Packers got spanked by Kansas City last week, looking forward to this Sunday's game.

All else is well.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!


Ami said...

I hope your son recovers well and ahead of schedule. It's soooo not fun to get sliced and diced.

I would love to see what 800 lbs of beef looks like, and perhaps get about 50 lbs or so for my own freezer!

Merry Christmas!!

Mikey said...

Good heavens, you're busy! When it rains it pours!
Yep, I want to see what 800 lbs looks like. I've had 300 here, and it filled every freezer spot I could find, between 2 fridges. Don't know where you put 800 lbs!!
Wishing y'all a very Merry Christmas!!

tainterturtles said...

Tell Colton to take is pain meds! He's not wimpy, just a new experience for him.

Wishing your family a wonderful, drink and be merry!!!!

PAK ART said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I agree with Lisa - Colton isn't a wimp, he's just not learned to handle pain yet. I don't wish it on anybody, but to be able to push your way through does make you stronger in mind. We loved having Kris home for a week - I miss her already!

Aunt Krissy said...

I feel for Colton, glad that there are meds that can handle that kind of pain! 800lbs of cow! WOW! That's a lot of beef and now your going to put a pig in there too? You might need another freezer. SO happy to hear that your Mom and Jerry made it up for Christmas, that must have been so nice to have your mom with you.