Friday, July 29, 2011

Animal Friday and more...


Although I can't really complain much, I took both Thursday and today off work so I had a short week.

Chyann is off doing her first horse show in MN! I talked to her this morning and she said it was very exciting! I miss her already.

She and I had a nice ride on Tuesday before the temps started climbing again. The gnats were absolutely terrible though! If you stopped you were immediately inhaling them, yuck!

Check out how nice and bendy her knee is! A few degrees makes a world of difference in getting her foot in a stir up or not. And riding horses is wonderful exercise for her, it works every single muscle she needs to build up ~ plus a few.

After the ride I had some visitors while I cooled off on the back porch.


and sweet BeeGee.

I picked up the new lenses for my glasses and sunglasses on Wednesday after work. Love the nice clear lenses for my glasses, but am not too wild about my sunglasses. They may actually be considered stylish because they are on the large size - I don't mind that much, but definitely do not like the straight arms on them. They don't wrap around your ears to hold them on so I think I'll be checking into getting new arms or just another pair entirely if that is not possible.

Did I ever tell you I'm a HUGE KISS fan? Well I am and have been since I was in probably second grade (My brother was the guiding influence in my music preferences when I was a kid). We went to see them when they were at Rock Fest in 2007. I loved it! The best concert I've ever seen!

We started watching the Gene Simmons Family Jewels the first season and have enjoyed watching the series. This is the only reality TV series I've ever been interested in.

Did you see this seasons finale? The Hubby thought it was all staged and fake. Me I don't care if it was or not. I enjoyed it :)


Ami said...

I need a horse. That will help with my knee, right? :)

Love the kitty pic.

And I'm not a huge fan, but I did like a few of their songs back in the 70's. Part of my 'summer sound track' when I think of it.

Here's where I admit I don't actually watch television.

lyndylou said...

Great pics. We don't get that tv programme across here but I think it would be really good. I used to really like Kiss in my younger days :)

Anonymous said...

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