Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Odds and ends

Yesterday I finally got off my arse and got a package mailed to my Dad. I've been going to send the box to him since - oh say October? That's terrible, but it's finally on it's way and because I feel so guilty I am GOING to send another one tomorrow, just need to get some more bubble wrap for wrapping up the jars - I am sending him salsa, Krissy's pickled beats and his favorite spicy dilly green beans.

A gal at work put in her two weeks notice yesterday. She got a job with better hours at a small local company. I'm jealous, but happy for her.

Never got the lawn mowed this weekend.

Around here they (the farmers) say if your corn is knee high by the 4th of July you'll get a good crop. My corn is a smidgen more than knee high as of Monday so that's encouraging.

We've got bunnies everywhere this summer.

No moles or gophers yet to tear up the yard. Someone mentioned to me that maybe that is because the kids have been riding the go carts a lot this year the the digging animals don't like the vibrations in the ground from that? Hmmm, maybe?

Happy 23rd Anniversary to our friend Rose and her Hubby!

Chyann made some jello no bake stuff that tastes like Reece's peanut butter cups in a pan that were delicious! I could have eaten them all they were that good.

I'd sure like to go windsurfing again.

I can't wait for that first tomato from the garden.

Lucky was our main farm alarm (barker) when someone would come over.

Casey seems to be looking for Lucky.

Isn't this just the cutest picture! Chyann and Lucky both with their tongues a hanging!

Happy Humpday!


crochet lady said...

Ha...ha... that is a cute picture!

Anonymous said...

Kellie!! thanks for the anniversary wishes.. but, its only 22 years... maybe it just seems like 23?? :-)

Sounds like you are keeping busy! sorry to hear about Lucky.. sucks doesnt it? but, I always think its better that they go on their own and not have to make the decision.

we are having a fairly nice "summer" so far.. its still cool at night (about 44 degrees in the mornings), but yesterday it got up to about 65 and supposed to be that today!!

have a great rest of the week.

Dar said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kellie. I have been on my pc only occasionally this much to do, so little time.
I'll bet your Dad is beaming ear to ear by now. Great gift boxes, girly.
When did you say mine would arrive?
Those jello thingys sound interesting. Any recipe to share?
Have a great summer and corn over your knees? S-WEET!

PAK ART said...

Sorry to hear about Lucky - it's always hard when a long-lived and much loved pet dies. Knowing your farm, you'll probably be getting a few new puppies to replace him. lol