Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Redneck ways

So, I kinda took my self a little blog-vacation (and I was doing so well posting more often too!). I just wasn't feeling it. When your arse is parked in front of a computer for 8hrs a day sometimes you just don't feel like coming home and sitting on your arse some more.
Added to that, it took almost a full ten days of antibiotics to clear up my sinus infection.

We've had some hot weather here. Sure we don't have A/C, but hell this weather wont last long and really it'll be snowing before we know it, so I WILL enjoy this weather for as long as it lasts!

Our main cool down is the pool. Unfortunately the pool pump conked out on Saturday. With the weather this hot you've got to keep your water moving so it doesn't get nasty. Good thing the Hubby is a resourceful kind of guy and has a little bit of anything/everything you might ever need.

He rigged up this cool water circulater for us until the new pump comes in - hopefully that will be today. When we were in the pool we take the little motor out and put it back in afterwards.

If you're wondering what the cones are in the yard, Chyann has an obstacle course and some jumps set up that she has been taking the horses through.

And yes that is my corn all tasseled out and looking good in the background!

For such a little electric motor it sure had some water moving power! After it had ran for a bit we got a nice whirlpool going, which was nice as it put all the dirt/bugs in the center for easy cleaning. We may be just a little redneck and that's not a bad thing :)

With this hot weather and drenching rains my tomato garden has really taken off! It's literally an overgrown jungle! I'm going to have to get out there and do some trimming to even find the tomato's and let the breeze get in to dry it out a bit.

We keep the tractor handy to deliver my garden straw. Having a thick bed of mulch this year has really helped on the weeds and fungus I think.

Check out this amazing clutch of tomato's! I've never seen so many Roma's clustered together like this before. They are huge!

FYI ~ Chyann got 90* yesterday at PT!!


PAK ART said...

Definately rednecks but I love it! How will you ever eat that many tomatoes? That right there looks like enough to last me a year!

Ami said...

I get my tomatoes from ketchup. :)

Admire your resolve to enjoy the weather... but that's too damn hot for me!

Aunt Krissy said...

I like your redneck way! Yep, it will be winter soon, and I can't wait!

Lisa said...

Your hubby and mine sound like they'd get along just fine.

tainterturtles said...

That trolling motor idea for the pool is perfect!!!

Just wait until all the tomatoes are ripe....you will be busy making salsa! I'm jealous......

crochet lady said...

You're gonna have a lot of tomatoes. Wishing I had some ripe tomatoes about now. I'm hankering for a good tomato sandwich for breakfast. I have cherry tomato plants in pots, but they are not doing so well, kind of all leg and not many blooms.