Saturday, July 2, 2011

The heat has arrived!


We've had temps in the 90's with incredibly high humidity.
Course I like this kind of weather when I can enjoy it. Unfortunately I've been stuck in an icy building working away. No kidding, when I go outside for my breaks it feels so good to finally warm up!

A month behind, but the cherries are finally ready to pick.

Krissy is hopefully going to come over sometime this weekend and pick some too. Not to mention enjoy some of the amazing wine I got for my Birthday!

Millie is a week old now. We were a bit concerned earlier this week that she wasn't nursing enough because her Mother's teats were so engorged and sore that she was barely able to get on to eat.

A look a the long garden.

In the foreground we have pepper plants - that look pretty puny so far, although there are a few with peppers on already - cabbage, brussel sprouts, summer squash, onions to the far left, pumpkins at the base of the corn. And yes that flimsy pink tape keeps those pesky horses out of the garden! We put down a snot load of mulch to prevent fungus if it turns out to be a wet year like last year. Another bonus of the mulch is that is it a nice weed inhibitor.

The tomato garden is really doing well though, we've got a lot of small fruits already set.

And just what did I do yesterday after work on one of the hottest days we've had so far?


OMG! Was it hot!

The Hubby got a call from some of our friends saying if he wanted to help there was free hay for us. Of course you cannot pass up free hay when you have animals to feed regardless of how stinking hot it is. I went by after work and only helped for 2 hours, but it felt like 8!

This is not the best picture, but you get the idea. Huge car trailer piled high with hay and some in the pickup bed too. We got home right at dark, put a ginormous tarp on the hay and barely got inside when the storm hit. We didn't have it too bad, but other folks to the North of us had trees down on their cars/houses.

In other news -

Chyann was jumping on Scotch bareback on Tuesday evening and somehow stubbed her right foot on the ground jarring her knee. Her knee was sore for all of Wednesday and at PT on Thursday her knee now bends to 72*???!!!! Did she jar some scar tissue loose? Just happen to be able to bend more than ever? Who knows, but she is one happy camper! Literally - as she is up camping with some friends this weekend..

Poor Caden had the stomach flu for two days this week. It must be miserable to be puking and having no fun when all the other kids are busy playing in the pool.

Colton is possibly re-evaluating his college plans. More on that soon (i hope).

Busy Holiday weekend ahead.

Lots to do around this place - a mountain of laundry, although I will say that Chyann did some this week - only hers though, which is fine - less for me to do. Mowing, putting all that hay in the barn, jam and more so I'd better get started!

ps - what is with all the crazy spaces? I cannot get rid of them!


Linda said...

Ugh! Right now I am hating the heat. I love hot weather, like up to 100 when the humidity isn't bad, but when the humidity gets up around 50% I die and have to stay inside with the AC I'm afraid.
Your garden looks like it is thriving. Fresh tomatoes--ummmm

Ami said...

I put spaces in on purpose. It helps me keep my thoughts a little more organized.

Yay on the knee progress! That's awesome.

Cute cow baby. I think it's adorable that her name is Millie.

Lisa said...

Hmmm...strange. I haven't got any of your last updates. This is the first one in a while..I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth. Bloggerrrrrr.

We are finally getting semi nice weather. Not too much humidity.

Glad Chyann is getting better.

lyndylou said...

you are always so busy! Love the photo of Millie, enjoy the heat, it is scorching here in Scotland x

crochet lady said...

I remember haying on blistery hot days...