Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yadda, yadda, ect...

Here it's been another week plus of no posts.

Can you believe it's August already? My Dad in AK says he can already smell winter coming. My Mom in OK says it was 113* at her house the other day. Us? We've got a cool down coming this week with temps only in the mid 70's.

Marco and Polo arrived a week or so ago. We've had to put them in the chicken coop in the barn because the outdoor pig pen was flooded from all the rain we've been having.

I like having pigs. They eat all the kitchen and garden scraps and nothing goes to waste.

Chyann had a good time in MN at the horse show. She ended up coming home with Nan's folks on Saturday afternoon. It was 98* there with 100% humidity - minimal shade. They showed early in the morning and by noonish she was totally done in by the heat.

It was all a great experience for her though. There is another show over Labor Day weekend that she won't be able to attend because of school, and 2 parades she'll be marching in.

Chyann is with Corva who is pretty young and Nan is holding Ellie (Nan's sister in the blue, I've forgotten her name).

Have you noticed grocery prices rising in your area? Seems to me like everything has gone up! From milk to fruit to taco sauce. For example I like Taco bell's hot sauce. It comes in a 7.5oz bottle. Last year at this time it cost 1 dollar even (plus tax of course), yesterday I got the very same bottle and it cost 1.46! How's that for inflation!

Corn is ripening in the garden and it is so delicious! The green beans are about ready to be pickled. I'm having to trim back the suckers on my tomato's to get some air moving between the plants to dry them out. The few that have ripened have had wonderful flavor. I love a fresh tomato sandwich.

I'm on the hunt for a recipe for spicy pickled brussel sprouts for my Dad. If you've heard of a good one let me know :)

PS Chyann got 94* at PT this week! This kid is phenomenal! and wont her doctors be surprised when we see them later this month ~ or maybe they'll just say we told you it would come, patience was all you/she needed.


Ami said...

Pig pic is cute. Like their names, too. :)

So glad her knee is better and better all the time. AWESOME!!!

Linda said...

That humidity is what the killer is. We had a couple of days here between 100-115 with low humidity and it wasn't so bad. The horses look good and you must be so proud of Chyann.
Food prices? Don't even get me started! The other bad thing is there's hardly any produce here. You're lucky you have your garden.

Lisa said...

Yup, hot and muggy here. I'm dying!!! 100 percent humidity with 100-105 degree temps! Today rain,rain and more rain.

tainterturtles said...

I hear ya Kellie, August came too fast. Ate our first sweet corn yesterday....was delicious.

Aunt Krissy said...

Good job Chy! Like the new name of the pigs, as long as it's not Krissy, I like it! About the price of food. Yep, I have noticed that too, and I think that it's only going to go up even more.

crochet lady said...

Cute names for the piggies!