Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The weekend and other news

Another hot and busy weekend is over.

We got lucky and had a nice breeze blowing directly into the barn helping to keep us cool while we stacked hay.

I got all, but two rows of corn weeded in the gardens. A few zucchini's are about ready to be picked even. A gal at work and I are going to trade zucchinis for her cucumbers when they start coming in. Somehow I didn't get any cuc's planted and I had big plans to make spicy pickles too. Guess I'll have to hit the farmers market for those when it's time.

Some whopper storms on Sunday AM and late PM gave up almost 2 inches of rain that was very badly needed. The super humidity and heat seem to be over till Thrusday so Chyann and I are going to try and get some horse riding in.

Chyann got 80* at PT yesterday too! AMAZING!

My fantastic step-father is going in today for a heart stint procedure.

It's my understanding that three things can happen

1 - nothing, all is well

2 - place a stint or two if needed

3 - bypass is needed, do nothing and schedule surgery

I'm hoping for nothing, but realistically something is probably going to need to be done. He wouldn't be there having this done if something wasn't wrong.

I'm sure he will be fine, he is tough!


PAK ART said...

Praying for your step-father! Nice pic of the kids in the barn, that looks like a lot of hay stacking.

nick said...

Dairy air... very clever!

Linda said...

Ahhhh, but it would be so nice to have rain here as we stay in drought mode in Oklahoma.
I hope all goes well with your step-father. Take care.