Friday, May 20, 2011

Today is the day!

Graduation Day is here!

It is a beautiful sunshiny day - so far, as you can see from the pictures I took this morning after I fed the animals and accidentally fell out of the barn with a load of hay. My knees are going to look just lovely all black and blue with my nice blue dress. I may have to wear some hose to camouflage them.

And where is the Graduate this morning? I have no idea. Last night was the senior banquet at the school and he went to two different parties afterwards. I assume he spent the night at a friends house, but I don't know who or where. nice. He needs get home and finish mowing the yard.

Sour Cherry tree in bloom.

The white you see is wild plum trees and grape vines blooming.

Two of the apple trees are about to bloom as well, they are going to smell so good!

Chyann's doctor appointment went pretty good.

They are going to give her another month to get more range of motion before they do arthroscopic surgery to remove the scar tissue and lengthen her muscles.

She was disappointed they didn't want to take her in right then to do it!

Unfortunately my Mother is not coming to the graduation and the freaking weather!

On Monday it looked like we would have wonderful weather for the party on Saturday. Every day the chances of that have deteriorated.

Today the forecast is to have thunder storms starting about noon for the WHOLE day! Damn..

Hopefully I don't bawl the whole time tonight. Wish me luck :)


PAK ART said...

Graduation wasn't hard for me. It was when they actually left home. I cried off and on for a year. But then, I'm a big baby. Is he staying home for awhile, or does he have plans to leave the same day like my son Travis?!

Aunt Krissy said...

Don't cry! Or you will make me cry! No crying in school!

Kellie said...

He is staying home for the summer, then moving to the cities for school.

BTW, he did get home at 830a. He and about eight other kids slept at the bonfire they had last night. It was in some farmers field/grove of trees.

lyndylou said...

Glad he got home ok. Have a great day today, take lots of tissues :) and so sorry your mum didn't make it.

tainterturtles said...

Ohhhh, the memories are flooding my mind right now. Four years ago my boy went through his high school graduation and now he's graduated from college. Our daughter graduated five years ago! Boy the time sure flies. Savor these moments Kellie...slowly your life is changing. Go ahead and cry, it's a mom thing ya know!