Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baby Birds, Shrek and Awards? Oh my...

Sure, I only worked three days this week, but somehow that made this one of the longest weeks ever!

The company is doing this great walking race that starts on Monday, you put together teams of up to 10 folks and record how many miles you walk each day. The first team that makes it (on paper) to Cypress, CA and back wins.

The walking only counts for your breaks, lunch and any walking you do outside of work. So walking to and from the bathroom/lunchroom doesn't count. They've got it figured out if you walk three laps around the building that will equal one mile and if the weather is bad you can walk inside the center part of the building, eleven laps equal a mile. Yesterday a friend and I walked three miles during our lunch break and that was really putting on the speed. We figure we can do about five miles a day at that rate. Hmm. we'll see I guess.

Anyhow, check out the baby birds Chyann has found. These are barn swallows, located where else, but the barn. Can you see all the horse tail hair in the nest? I can't quite tell how many are in there, but it looks like about five.

We're not sure what kind of bird these little naked babies are. They are down in the shed.

Last night Chyann and I went to put the horses away and I realized I never put any shots of Shrek up. He is a huge stuffed animal the kids got from some free box at a garage sale. He had a tear in his neck leaking all his stuffing out, I sewed him up and he promptly got stuffed into a closet. During all my cleaning this last month he was found and I threw him away. The Hubby rescued him from the trash and put him up in the back yard as a kind of scare crow.

The horses will occasionally be standing by him and it will look like Shrek is riding them.

And we found a new lilac bush just growing randomly in the back yard area.

Imagine my surprise when I went to one of my favorite blogs, The Giggle Fest. and see that she has given me an AWARD!

The rules are simple. Post the award, Tell who gave you the award, and pass it on to five other bloggers.

Of Course I must pass it on to Krissy at Transplanted Alaskan. She is my best buddy from Alaska and the one who got me interested in blogging.

Jenny at Crochet Life. We share a love of lilacs! Not to mention books.

Lisa at TainterTurtles. Has the sweetest HUGE cats and is a bicycle enthusiast.

Patty over at PAK-ART Alaska. She is a wonderful artist, posts pictures of my old home town and just happens to be Krissy's beloved sister!

and last, but certainly not least

Lisa at Spring Peeper Farm. She is a Canadian gal who with her family raise animals, make soap and have a lot of fun.

No big plans for us this Memorial Day weekend. Although I will get the garden planted and lawn mowed - probably :)


lyndylou said...

Congrats on the award, you so deserved it and I look forward to checking out those other blogs :) I LOVE that shrek, it looks so cool just hanging there!

Lisa said...

Ahh gee thanks!

I love lilacs. I have a medium size one, a new one I planted last year and another one I'm planting this year. Love the smells!

Shrek is cute.


tainterturtles said...

That's a great idea about walking at work, but how do you eat your lunch?

Wow, those are some tiny baby birds. I just discovered baby woodpeckers in a hole in the oak tree. Can't take a pic because the woodpecker found a hole way high in the tree!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

Ami said...

I'm turning my head this way and that, trying to figure out the correct perspective on the nest. Is that an old soup pan?
It can't be upside down...

and today so far has been a narcotic-free day.

Maybe I'm just nutty?

LOVE your blog title.


Ami said...

And now that I went back and LOOKED (clicking for the larger version helps) I GET IT.

::smacking own forehead:::

Aunt Krissy said...

I was wondering what was up there near the trees the other day. Babt birds are so ugly that they are cute.