Sunday, May 15, 2011

Green, green as far as I can see

Now that the leaves are finally coming out, when I drive down the road I get a good "green" feeling.

I absolutely love the green haze the trees have and the varying shades of green the fields are, from that deep green to the lightest. Makes me feel good.

Look at those lovely red maple leaves!

I think I'll be making fresh rhubarb pie for the party on Saturday.

The apple blossoms may just wait for the graduation as well!

Since the weather has been so cool, we haven't decided if we are going to take the cover off the pool or not. It will look nice if we do, but then the up keep starts.

Chyann got outrageously dirty from riding the go cart the other day and tore up the field doing donuts.

I think we are almost ready for the GRADUATION.

I'm working tomorrow, then taking the rest of the week off to finish up and take Chyann to the cities for a check up - hopefully picking up my Mother that day too -

Garage sale good deal of the day was two practically brand new full sized futons, the ones that fold out into a bed or couch and 1 chair futon thing, all for $6! I figure Colton can take them to college in August.

I've also been working on picture boards to hang up and it sure has been fun going through the old pictures - like this one. What a sweetie and I'll say again -- where have these last 20 or so years gone?

Blogger must be having a hicup today, as I cannot get rid of all those extra spaces!


lyndylou said...

your house and grounds look lovely. Good luck with the party this week, I am sure it will be a total blast.

Hope Chyann's check up goes ok :)

Anonymous said...

woohoo! spring!!
where is Colton going to college?
I hope your mom is able to make it.

I'm sure the party will go well and you will have EVERTHING done!

wish I could be there with you guys.

Kellie said...

Wish you were coming too Rose!

Kellie said...

And yes, he is going to college in the cities for audio engineering.

snowbirdranch said...

Kellie,Where has the last 20 years gone,I looked in my closet and only wonderful memories where there.That picture of Colton brought tears to my eyes.Its so good to see Chyann standing.Your place looks so good.
Made me miss all of you more.Love to all Mom