Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Strange Dreams, Sweetness and doctors

For the last month or so I've been having this crazy reoccurring dream.

It takes place in AK at my old job with a commuter airline when we were located on Lake Hood.

I apparently had closed the night before and had come in to work the early shift. I walk into the office and find that somehow I had forgotten to make the schedule for that day!

The phones are ringing with pilots wanting to know their schedule, the mechanics are trying to find out which planes to launch first, the rampers need to know which plane is going where so they can get the mail! And I can't find the schedule that the chief pilot hangs on the board!

It is complete chaos! All through the dream I am completely panicked!

Obviously the dream stems from my anxiety over Colton graduating and the party on Saturday.

Usually I really like to dream about my old job. It's like having a visit with old friends that I miss and love dearly, but this crazy one over and over? I'm done with it (please)! I don't want to wake up again with knots in my tummy and sweaty pits. Good thing this will all be over with soon.

All I've got left to do in the house is wiping down kitchen chairs and cabinets. Course I'll have to do all the floors again on Friday, but I'm not counting that. Oh, I also have one more flower bed to tidy up, but that's pretty much it. Except for ironing and maybe a load or two of laundry. And a last run to the grocery store.

Chyann let Casper out in the backyard on Sunday and they were taking a little siesta before I came and disturbed them. I could hear her softly talking to him. I imagine you can tell your favorite horse just about anything.

Goofy Shasta and Casey have to to be anywhere Chyann is.

Today I'm taking Chyann to the cities for a check up.

In the last month she has progressed from 31* to 50* range of motion in her right knee. Not exactly the 90* the doctor was wanting.

The physical therapist said her doctors may decide to put her under anesthesia and bend it for her or if the muscles start to tear while they are manually bending it, go in and cut the muscles to lengthen them.

Shit-O-dear. Not fun.

Chyann is actually all for doing this. She told me the other day that she could not even remember what it is like to walk right and just wants to get back to normal. I sure can't blame her. Guess we shall see what the doc's say.

And hopefully my Mother will be arriving tomorrow.

Happy Hump Day!


Destiny said...

Nice blog!:)


Aunt Krissy said...

I never have old work dreams, just ome of the people are in my dreams. I'm glad to hear that you mom will make it! Let me know how it all goes with Chy.

lyndylou said...

sounds like you are bang on re your recurring dream. Hopefully it will pass once the graduation and party are over.
Poor Chy, it never seems to end for her. I hope they manage to do something without having to operate.

Anonymous said...

Kellie.. are you sure you dont have a nightmare that your coworker has a hangoever and has to go home to sleep it off ? :-)

we were in ANC last weekend and drove by the old office at Lake Hood. I should have taken a picture of it. You wouldnt recognize it!

I'm sure you'll get everything done in time and it will be a wonderful party.

good luck to Chyann....loved the pictures of her with the horse.

crochet lady said...

Hope that strange dream passes soon, you're probably not getting good rest having a stressful dream like that.

Chyann looks so sweet with her pony. It sure has been a rough road for her.

PAK ART said...

Chyann must be a horse whisperer - I had no idea that a horse would be so friendly as to lay in the grass with their girl. That's so amazing. It' makes me want a horse just like Casper.