Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day weekend

Happy Mother's Day!

I had the BEST Mother's day weekend.

Chyann, Caden and I rode horses.

Chyann didn't ride for long because her legs got so shaky, but she was up and riding again! A wonderful sight!

I think it did her spirits a world of good, not to mention gave her muscles a good work out.

Four out of our five horses got ridden. Gypsy missed out, but did get a good brushing.

Chyann with Jenny.

Chyann giving Caden some pointers on riding both Casper and Cowboy.

Caden fell off Casper twice, but got back up and rode again both times. Casper is pretty smart and knows Caden is not an aggressive rider so he takes advantage of that by trying to eat, trot - basically do what he wants while Caden is riding him and since Caden doesn't have good balance yet he ends up on the ground. Good thing he bounces well.

Caden riding Cowboy with Shasta following along. Chyann with Casper looking on.

Since the weather was so nice we got the yards all tidied up.

Who knew having a big party was going to entail so much work.

The carpets upstairs even got shampooed - vehicle carpets too, flowers in the flower boxes, a mountain of laundry, yard raked, poop scooped, a bit of mowing, weed pulling and window washing.

And there is still a lot of inside stuff yet to do. I'd make a list, but somehow can't get past the washing of buggers off the walls part - who does that! No one will confess to being the culprit (caden?), but they are all going to get cleaning on that task!

and last, but not least

Happy Birthday to my fantastic Mother! xoxo


lyndylou said...

great news about Chyann riding again. Glad you had a lovely weekend, photos are brill especially the one with Shasta following.

Lisa said...

My goodness, you've been a busy little beaver.

snowbirdranch said...

Kellie,how did you have time to do all that.the pictures are wonderful.
glad that both the kids are riding.
Looking forward to seeing you very you mom

crochet lady said...

It's always nice to spend mother's day how you want.

We went out to eat, it was crowded and I was cranky.

Yeah we have a few of those on our walls too.