Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring concerts and other news

Spring may finally be springing around here as evidenced by the maple and willow trees. The birds were just singing and tweeting this morning. Last night I even heard some crickets chirping!

The rhubarb is really growing. I got a few plants for the garden yesterday too. The guys are busy preparing the soil with compost and working it in. It'll be interesting to see how much time I have for the garden this summer, as this will be the first summer that I've worked full time in a while.

Mr Blue Tooth! His lips were about as blue as his eyes.

Chyann and Colton had their spring concerts at school on Tuesday. I love watching them play.

When Colton came out with the Choir my first thought was jeez, could you have combed your hair or worn some nicer clothes.

Apparently combing your hair straight forward is the style, but it doesn't work for him because his hair is so curly.

He's got the best hair in the house and it needs to be combed straight back or just shook out. Can't tell him that though.

Anyhow if the spring concert and the awards ceremony afterwards for the seniors is any indication of how hard/terrible the GRADUATION is going to be, I'm in soo much trouble!!

I bawled and bawled through most of the songs Colton sang with the choir and played with the band. Caden kept asking what was wrong and banging into my knees while I was taping, sweet kid, but quit asking because it's making me cry more!

On that note it looks like my Dad is not coming because his wife is having health problems and my Mother may not be coming because my step-sister has mersa and is in FL while my Mother is taking care of her FOUR kids in OK. I'm feeling some stress here folks.

I leave you with a short video of Colton and the choir singing Dancing Queen by Abba.


Mikey said...

If they ever have a contest for best named blog, yours should win :) LOVE IT!!!
Yep, filling our pool with the well. The kid sure loves it!

lyndylou said...

Loved the video. Was that Colton in the middle?? Very funny.

I feel your frustration re you mum and dad not making it to an important milestone in your child's life. There are gonna be lots of tears for you my friend but you will get through! Your babies are growing up :)

Kellie said...

Yes, Colton was the one in the middle wearing the red checkered shirt, that continually pushed his sleves up and swiped his bangs from his eyes!

tainterturtles said...

The video was great Kellie. Hummm, I think Colton has a natural dance swing going on there, hee, hee!

I totally understand the tearful moments. I did exactly the same thing when Becca was in choir and band. We're moms, we can't help it!!!

crochet lady said...

Yep, I'll probably be bawling next year. Hope graduation day goes well.

Anonymous said...

I hope your mom does get to come. I'll have to watch the video when I get home. I still cant believe he is in the choir!! Your rhubarb is huge!! Mine is just starting to poke through the dirt. I'm anxious to get in the garden, but its still way too early here.