Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Part 2 also done

Part 2 - The party on Saturday

Started out dreary and misty. Folks started showing up five minutes before noon and I was just about ready for them.

By 1pm it was a complete downpour outside!

The living room had 22 kids packed into it watching old family videos that I had turned on earlier. They watched video after video and laughed their buns off the whole time!

Meanwhile the dining room had three tables loaded with food and about ten folks packed in. All I could think was can I be done now?!

There was a sea of mud on my floor that I had to try cleaning up because I'm weird about my floors and as soon as I had it about done, someone else would come in and there would be more mud. I'm sure some folks thought I had OCD! oh well. I just didn't want the place to look like hell.

About 4pm the rain stopped and the sun came out! It turned into a beautiful afternoon! It even dried up enough for the kids to have a bonfire. Most folks left by midnight, but there were a few stragglers that stayed till 2a.

I think the party went well.

Sunday was spent cleaning up and dodging storms. We didn't have any tornado's in our area, but to the South and West in MN there were a few.

Yesterday I took two naps. Man was I tired. Still am actually. Today I'm going to try and plant some in the garden, maybe mow if it dries out and tackle the mountain of laundry that has accumulated.

I took this picture this morning after the kids got on the bus for school. It is an ornamental flowering crab apple tree - I think. Sure is pretty. I love the color.

The lilac tree is about to burst! It already smells so good!

And wouldn't you know it, one of the apple trees started opening up on Saturday after the rain. The other apple trees are now blooming.

I figured we'd give Colton a few days to rest up before I started nagging the shit out of him to get a job, when low and behold Taco John's called last night and offered him a job!

He starts orientation tonight at 7p! YIPPEE! Because really there are not a lot of jobs around for a kid just out of school.

Personally I wanted him to go to AK this summer and work at the airline his Grandpa works at, but he didn't want to leave the girlie friend - Oh well, Taco John's will do I suppose.

I'm back to work tomorrow. I sure have enjoyed this time off, even if it was stress full and very busy.


lyndylou said...

I feel your pain re the floors...that would have been stressing me out too! Glad the sun came out though and folks were able to spill out of the house.

I'm surprised you didn't sleep all day after the hectic week you've had!

lyndylou said...

p.s there is something for you over at mine :)

crochet lady said...

Phew...a sign of relief after all that hard work. I'm loving the spring blossoms on the trees too.