Saturday, January 29, 2011

Casey's close call

Not quite sure how the blog got published before I was ready.
I uploaded some pictures, cooked breakfast, came back and wallah published.
So, anyhow.

We keep the dogs in the entry way when we are at work/school.

Which is also where we hang coats, winter wear and all that stuff.

Yesterday the Hubby came home to Casey being strangled!

Somehow she got her head through the loop on the bottom of my old snow pants.

Yes, that is them hanging over the dog bed

and had twisted herself around and around until she was literally

gasping for breath by the time he walked in the door.

He said he could not even get his finger between the elastic

and her neck. It was that tight. After he got her unwound from the

elastic she just collapsed and lay there sucking in air.

Poor old pup.

Needless to say my old snow pants are now hanging downstairs. I can't believe how much that elastic is stretched out compared to the other side. Casey must have been so scared!

Here is a video I took this morning when I fed the animals.

I never would have guessed she'd be up and moving around like this

seven months ago when she hurt her back.

In fact, Chyann reminds me every once in a while that I said

she'd probably never walk again


She sure surprised us all

with her amazing recovery!


Aunt Krissy said...

and to think, I was inthe camp that maybe you should put her down, she has come a long way from that first week!

tainterturtles said...

Love the wagging tail on the video. Holy cow, dogs, horses and a random cat meowing in the video!!!! I bet there is never a dull animal moment at your house.

PAK ART said...

How horrible for little Casey! One of my dogs jumped out of the truck bed once while still attached to a leash in the back. I was able to save her, but it was kind of scary for a minute. Casey does seem to be doing very well!

estefanny said...

Oh, wow, you have the cutest dogs ever!!!!!! lucky you! no pets allowed where i live :(

Lisa said...

Thank goodness she's ok. It's amazing what they can get into. I long time ago I had a cat that had gotten into a plastic bag. When we got home there was an extremely torn shopping bag, cat pee and cat nails, all in a trail. She needed vet treatment for a ripped out nail, but other than that she was fine. We learned a lesson that day.

Never did find out where the bag came from.

Leslie Moon said...

We had a dog that got its head stuck in a peanut butter jar when I was a dad sawed if off with a pocket knife...the peanut butter jar that is.

crochet lady said...

Wow, how great that he found her in time.

Just look at that tail a-wagging!