Monday, January 3, 2011

Cold Ride

I went out to brush Gypsy's burrs out yesterday afternoon and found Chyann horsin' around with Jenny.

Scotch is like better her than me, hehe!

I can't believe she can thrust herself that high up and that Jenny will just stand there.

Casper is like hey what's going on here?

No helmet or face mask. I asked why no snow pants and she says I have obviously not tried to ride bareback with snow pants before or I would not even need to ask that.
Apparently they are WAY too slick, hence the ugly sweat pants with long johns under them.

Pretty but dirty, no baths for Jenny for a while I'm afraid.

Gypsy also glad Chyann is not mounting up on her. I did manage to get all the burrs combed out of her main. I have no idea where she picked those up at.

You can't see Casper in this pic, but he was harassing Jenny the whole time Chyann was riding her.

She is finally going to chase Casper off in this picture.
Kids are back to school.
I am mandatory 10 hrs OT this week.
Hubby is sick.
Colton busy with his band getting ready for the big gig in Feb.
I will not get sick.
Got 2 books at the library last week and haven't had time to crack either open yet.
Wishing summer would hurry up, but then not because that will mean Colton is graduated.
Sure am tired of winter though.
Too bad we can't just rewind to say last June.
Yes, that would be nice.


Anonymous said...

Kellie,That snow is really pretty to look at.Sure makes me wish I was there.Looks like you and Chyann are having lots of fun.You think you would like to turn back time.I would love to.Wish I had your get my and go.
Kids are back in school.Was nice and quite today .Must go its getting very early.Love you lots Mom

PAK ART said...

I love the pics of Jenny and Caspar together! That Chyann is turning into quite a young lady! I miss the days when my kids lived at home with me....sometimes. But I also love that they've gone on and created more family for me to love - there's lots of good stuff with kids growing up.

crochet lady said...

I hate it when I'm too busy to read...hope you have time just to curl up in a cozy chair and relax with a good book. Overtime sounds icky.

Rising Rainbow said...

I can imagine snow pants being too slick to ride but sweat pants and long johns wouldn't be warm enough for me. Guess I wouldn't be out there riding bareback in the snow anyway. LOL

While I could stand going back to last June for the weather, I sure wouldn't want to have to redo the events of that time. Just the thought makes my stomach ache.

SherilinR said...

i found you over at the average girl's blog party. it's nice to meet you! love your pics of kids & horses.