Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lucky 13 or The Golden Birthday

Chyann had her 13th Birthday on the 13th!

Her Golden birthday!
Hard to believe 13 years have gone by so fast.
I was 26 when I had her and in another 13 years I'll be 52?!?
(that's a scary thought)

Anyhow we had a nice quiet family gathering for her on the big day.
I dutifully went to the store and got her a cake.
Hey, I had to work that day and didn't have time to make one.
I thought it was really nice, very 70's tie-dyed looking.

She blew out all those candles with one big breath!

So, then she had a few friends spend the night on Friday.

Colton's girlfriend said she'd bring a cake.

I'm thinking a basic cake in your handy 13x9 with frosting from Pillsbury.
Nope, that kid sure surprised the hell out of me with the cake SHE made!

Can you believe that?!
How awesome!
A horseshoe with a horse head on it.
Who would have thought!
I had a hard time cutting into it, but I did and let me tell you
it was the best cake I've ever had!! Light and fluffy cake with
butter cream frosting!

Another big breath and all those candles were out.
We had planned on going roller skating that night, but the roads were pretty slick and visibility was low due to snow so we'll try to do that another time.
The kids did get out to ride the snowmachine and I took them into town the next afternoon to ice skate. Which was fun, but VERY cold!
(that is the girlfriend lighting the candles)

I found some horse shrinky dinks for Chyann too.
Remember those? I loved them when I was a kid and recently she heard of them from one of our friend's daughter and loved them too. Imagine my surprise when I found them with a horse theme for her.

I did almost nothing yesterday house wise. Didn't even cook dinner - the kids did that.
Watched some great football games and had a beer or two.

And I have tomorrow off from work!

A three day weekend! Love it!!

Had to include this picture of Colton. What a handsome guy - even if he does need a hair cut :)


Dar said...

Pretty special 13th on the 13th for your sweet Chyann. And what a talent her friend has in cake decorating. Kids sure grow up fast, don't they. Colton is a handsome dude too. You have a very special family when they still want to do the Special Celebrations together.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, 13 yrs old...can't believe it. And two birthday cakes, geeze!

Enjoy your holiday on Monday. Be sure to treat it as a vacation day and do something special....or do nothing at all. HA!!!!!

Aunt Krissy said...

I know I have a hard time with her being 13, I can't belive that it's been that long! and it went by so fast! Yep, Colton is a looker.

PAK ART said...

Wow! 13 is getting to be a real young lady. I love both cakes, how nice of the GF to bring it - she sounds like she might be a keeper.