Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breeze update and then some

The very sweet Shasta Breeze, aka Breezie baby, loves to lay in the sun.

Shasta is a very sweet natured pup and today is the first day since we've had her that she's chewed up an item rather than her bone or toy that she wasn't supposed to.

Chyann has taught her to sit and is working on lay. Pretty smart already.
The potty training is also going well. With some days no accidents at all.

Got a picture of Jenny eating a bit of snow.
Why she would do this is beyond me.
We have tank heaters in the tanks and they always have fresh water in them.

Our cold snap appears to be over thankfully.

I was definitely tired of the cold temps! Planning on doing a little horse riding this weekend with Chyann if the temps stay up.


How about those Packers?!?!

Really looking forward to the Super Bowl this year!!

Can't believe the Seahwaks didn't do better though

or even Kansas City! What in the world happened with those teams?


Aunt Krissy said...

She sure is a cute puppie. What did she chew on?


Anonymous said...

what a cutie! how big do you think she will get?
enjoy the milder temps. We got rain AGAIN last night. Wish we would just get winter already!!


Kellie said...

I don't think she'll get over 8lbs or so.

crochet lady said...

That is one very cute puppy!!!

Yes, way to go Packers. I am looking forward to the Superbowl as well. I even caught myself reading the sports page of the newspaper the other day at a coffee shop while I was waiting for a friend.

That is bizarre for me cause I hate handling newsprint in the first place and secondly because I am not that interested in sport except for football. But I just had to read the article about the Packers and Raji's (not sure it that's spelled right) touchdown.

SherilinR said...

so much cutiness!

PAK ART said...

Breeze sure is a cutie! I love the way she lays on her belly with legs sticking out the back. Silly little dog.