Sunday, January 2, 2011

A brilliant cold start and strange findings

Went to bed early last night and watched a movie in bed.
Was nice to close the door and watch an adult movie and by adult I mean a good shoot em up bang bang show without
10,000 (ok, maybe not that many) interruptions.

This morning is was so bright and sunny!
Cold too.
I think it was about -5, but no wind so it didn't feel too terrible.
The lovely Casper is so sweet.

Been so long since I've been able to get the camera out and take some pictures of my favorite animals.

We are feeding them on the ground due their feeder is lost in a drift till spring or the next big thaw - whichever comes first.

Jennifer thinks I've got a treat for her. I don't, that is Chyann, so go back to eating.
You can't really see it well, but Gypsy has gotten into some burrs. I'll be coming back out later to get those brushed out.

I am amazed at how fuzzy the boys are. I love to put my cold fingers in their fuzzy fur.

Course there is also the cows.
Lily and Molly have nice thick coats too.

I came in the house freezing cold from staying out too long goofing with the horses. I had big plans to jump in the shower to warm up, then drink my coffee, but look what I found in the shower instead? Looks like someone has been de-haired!

Apparently after the Hubby and I went up to watch our movie Chyann decided to give every animal a bath. Oh, I've just been informed, all that hair is just from Casey!
Holy cow!
Talk about nasty!


crochet lady said...

Your horses all look so cute outside in the snow.

We give Ginger a shower indoors and she really leaves a lot of hair behind. It is rather gross.

Dar said...

Ya gotta love the thick winter coats the animals put on. Any wonder they don't mind standing at the woods edge during a wind, snow or rain storm. They are real troopers. As for the hair in the tub,...a screen might be a good idea so you don't end up with winter clogs...even worse than the hair. Such is life down on the farm. I miss it.

Aunt Krissy said...

Looks like Chy forgot to clean up after herself!

PAK ART said...

I've washed the dogs a few times and that's what it looks like at my house too....except I clean up after myself because nobody else is going to!