Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow fun

A very balmy weekend here.
We spent much of it outside.

Casper has one heck of a beard this winter, he looks like some kind of si-fi animal to me.

The lovely ladies.

Chyann and I went for a snow ride.
It was the most fun I'd had in a long time!

We followed packed snow machine trails for a few miles and finally turned around because the horses started falling through the snow crust. That was scary and I'll tell ya I did fall off once as Scotch was lurching through the snow. No big deal as he is pretty short and the snow was deep, but I had a hell of a time getting back on him - my damn legs were wobbly noodles! I haven't riden since November, so I should have expected that.

Chyann ended up riding all the other horses too. With special attention to Jenny, since she is afraid she will "forget" all she knows over the winter.

When the horse riding was done it was time to ride the snow machine.
Caden has recently learned to drive so that means I got to ride in the sled.

It was dark and I was freezing by the time we were done outside.
Caden was plum tuckered out. Shasta is his little buddy.


PAK ART said...

beautiful pictures. I always love seeing the horses. I bet you had a great time. Caden and the puppy is so cute!

lyndylou said...

sounds like a lovely day and those animals, just gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great,So glad u made time to post them but spending the day having fun with the kids is the best present you could give them.
Its suppose to be in the single digits for the next 3 days.and the water to by washer is frozen.and I was a day behind yesterday.and usually do at least 2 loads a day'
Our thought and prays are with Chyann,I love all of you so much

crochet lady said...

Playin hard out in the cold does tucker a body out.