Thursday, January 6, 2011

That smell!

I can just SMELL those sheets!
Can't wait to put them on my bed.
The crisp, clean feel of them.
The whirl of the fan.

The blue of the pool!
The water just warm enough.
The floaty has a beer holder.

The bar-b-q on the porch.
The steaks a cooking.
The puff potato's.
The corn on the cob.

Perfect summer afternoon into evening.

My kind of fun.

I probably should take down the old baby swing, but can't quite do it yet.


crochet lady said...

Oh.....the longing.

Anonymous said...

keep dreaming!!

Anonymous said...

Now that sure is my kind of dreaming. Can almost see us setting on the porch,is my wine glass without wine.That can not right.
I like the baby swing,hard to think he out grew it so very you