Saturday, October 30, 2010

The wind and the willow

Last Tuesday, Wednesday and even into Thursday we had one of the lowest low pressure systems come through the mid-west.

The news said it produced category 3 Hurricane force winds, I looked at the carts on hurricane winds and it seems maybe we only had category 2 winds, but what do I know - I'm no expert.

The wind blew like it does out on the Aleutian chain, where I lived as a kid, sideways!
We would walk to school and only be wet from the rain on one side of us.
Use to be able to tell exactly how windy it was out side by how much the toilet water was swishing around in the toilet - Now that was a windy day!

Any who, we knew that big branch on the willow tree needed to come down as it was really leaning after one day of the big winds.

Can you see where the branch has separated from the main trunk? We probably should be proactive and cut off the trunk/branch on the far left off too, but I'll talk to our county tree guy first before we do that.

This picture shows how much more that branch has separated from the trunk.

The Hubby with the saw. The wind was really blowing too so I was worried the branch wasn't going to fall where he wanted it to, but it did.

And down it comes.

You should have heard the huge CRACK!!!!
It was so loud I worried more of the tree was coming down too!

Big plan for today? Clean up the area.

Chyann counted 44 rings in the branch. If that branch is that old wonder how old the main part of the tree is? Hope we don't get to find out for many, many years to come.

In other news, Colton and I caught the remaining black chicken and I took it to work with me in a box to give to my friend. Was a scary ride to work. I knew it wasn't coming out of the box, but every once in a while it would squawk or cluck and freak me out!

Overtime starts this coming week at work. I'm going to try to do at least 10 hours a day, maybe 12, we'll see.

Looking forward to riding horses with Chyann today.

Happy Saturday!


Aunt Krissy said...

I hope all that work is done by the time I come over!

You're so brave to be alone in the van with a live chicken!

tainterturtles said...

I really like your willow tree, but too bad you lost that large limb. That was quite the wind storm we had. The pine tree we lost in our yard had about 45-50 rings.

crochet lady said...

I hope the rest of the tree will be ok. Willows are great trees, I would like to have one.

I remember one bad storm a few years back our neighbor's willow tree completely tipped over, the roots and all, but they tipped it back up, staked it and it grew and it still stands.