Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free-range no more

The geese and two black chickens are gone!

Who knew geese and three chickens could be such a pain in my ARSE!

When we first got them I tried to give them Krissy and she said not only NO, but Hell NO would she take those animals - even though at the time she was looking to expand her chicken flock.
I had no idea what she spoke of when she said they were very territorial and messy.

And you know me I'm a bit, ok maybe more than a bit, scared of feathered fowl.

Occasionally when I'd go out to feed the animals those geese would start chasing me!

I had to sick Benny on them a time or two to get them to quit coming after me and every morning there they were giving me the ol' stink eye.
Benny was very happy to come to my assistance when I called though.

The geese, three black chickens and a pair of ducks had the run of the place and the Hubby had no problem with that until they started coming up on the porch and crapping EVERYWHERE! Then they found a way up into the barn and shit all over the place. Good thing they didn't get too much of the hay otherwise the Hubby and Caden would have done some target practicing with them right then.

Enter my friend from work who's parents are traditional Hmong.

She and her Mother came over last night after I got home from work. The Hubby had all the fowl locked up in the chicken coop in anticipation of them being easy pickings and us not having to chase them all over hell and back to catch them - Chyann had a moment of Born FREE or FREE Willie and let a bunch of chickens out of the cage, including a black hen that was supposed to go! Six years ago we got about 45 chickens and have a few left from the original bunch, Chyann thought her Daddy was gonna let my friend have the old chickens too and decided to save them when one of the black hens escaped with them. Great...

The Hubby and my friends' Ma decided the best way for the fowl to depart this Earth. The geese got their necks wrung and placed very lovingly in box to be plucked later and the chickens, minus the one escapee, got put into a box live - their fate to be later determined.

We did search all over for the missing hen, but it was soon dark and finding a black chicken in the dark is surely a loosing proposition.

Chyann's Daddy did let her keep the ducks though. Her big plan is to hatch a bunch of baby ducks for next years local fair to sell. Hmm.. Guess we'll see what kind of a pain those ducks turn out to be without the geese and chickens to run with.

Never did figure out why the three black chickens didn't run with our original chickens and rooster. Maybe they thought they were geese since they were all hatched together.
Man this was a long week. Glad it's over.
Was so tired when I fell into bed at 10p.
Woke up at 230a nice and refreshed!
So, here I am at 4a on the computer.. I see a nap in my future.


Aunt Krissy said...

I'm so glad that the necks were wrung with love! Now let that be a lesson to you! No geese!

tainterturtles said...

Yikes Kellie....geese aren't worth all the problems. Glad they are gone.

crochet lady said...

Frankly I think geese are some of nastiest critters. I remember being chased around by them as a kid. Our neighbor had some too and every time we drove by the gander would be out in the road hissing at the cars. I would have dearly liked to have run him over.

I'm pretty sure you'll be glad those critters are gone.