Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend update

It was a wonderfully busy weekend.

Saturday was spend doing all those menial chores that have to be done whether you want to do them or not.

Krissy came over for dinner that night and we sure had fun yakking.

Rode horses with Chyann on Sunday and she discovered that Scotch likes to jump!
She has a complete obstacle course set up to take him through now and he actually looks like he is enjoying himself. He is all prancy, they look great together.

Only saw my eldest son, the Birthday boy, for mere minutes. Just long enough for us to sing Happy Birthday, him to open a present or two and him to change clothes for a Halloween party.

Caden showing Colton how he found and fixed a DC6 model airplane that Colton originally built about seven years ago.

Took Chyann, who didn't dress up for Halloween at all and Caden, the Packer football kid, trick or treating in town for 2hours. The weather was pretty nice, very sunny then turning cold when the sun went down.

Caden got 3 pounds of candy!

Was a nice anniversary for the Hubby and I.

p.s. Colton just called me at work to let me know he voted today! Imagine that..


Aunt Krissy said...

Wow, Colton voted! Good for him. Were are the pic of a happy horse jumping?

crochet lady said...

that's right Colton turned 18.

ancwilsons said...

WOW! What a packed weekend! The pics of Chyann riding with her slippers on were classic! I am SO PROUD of Colton for voting! What a great fun 1st time thing to do.
Can't believe he is 18, just amazing! Makes one feel old doesnt it! lol.
I miss you guys and hope to see again some day :P
Love You guys!!!